Christian Gold House Chapel Ministry Intl. & Rev Samuel F. Sarpong

Christian Gold House Chapel is an evangelical, Pentecostal Charismatic Church based in Liverpool. We abide by the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ our Lord. We aim to live the word as expressed in the Bible and we focus on evangelism and promotion of Christian love across communities. We emphasize the emminent return of Christ, deliverance, speaking in tongues and holiness in our preaching and worship. At Christian Gold House Chapel we value people and provide a welcoming space for everyone who walks through our doors.

Greetings, I am Rev. Samuel Frempong Sarpong the General overseer of Christian Gold House Chapel, a Christ Ministry filled with the oil of influence. The message I carry centers on the Holy Ghost, righteousness, discipline and order in the Body of Christ. I am known for speaking boldly, yet compassionate in preaching with an edge that emphasizes deliverance and the establishment of people in foundational doctrinal truth. Christian Gold House Ministry’s beginnings can be traced from February 2010 when the LORD spoke to me about planting a church in Liverpool and he gave me this scripture;

Our Mission
Christian Gold House Ministry aims to make Christ known to the community, country, and the world through preaching and teaching the pure word of God; thereby helping to transform souls into the likeness of Christ. Rev. Pastor Samuel F Sarpong the Overseer of Christian Gold House Ministry Intl. Is an Evangelist with Fire in his belly. He is a Masters Holder in Theology, a Bible tutor & Scholar. A celebrated author, broadcaster, communications innovator, and bridge builder. Pastor Samuel Sarpong remains committed, more than ever, to preaching and teaching the Amazing Christ Gospel. The immovable Word of God. The Word that promises signs and wonders through the mighty and miraculous power of the Holy Ghost!

Christian Gold House Chapel – Our Vision
To produce Victorious Christians having the evidence of consistency, spiritual growth and developing into practical Christians who live by the word of God in their daily lives demonstrating the power of God and the effectiveness of his word!

Love To Hear from You


Deliverance in Yahweh 


Feed Your Mind with the word of God, Meditate on It Always, For it is The Food of the Soul! 

Invest in Your SoulMate


What God Joins, No One can Separate! Have you Sought His Counsel in Your Chosen Partner?

Seek The Lord Always


Seek Fervently and Go after it & By Faith take it

Worship The Lord With Us at Christian Gold House Chapel Ministry

You are always welcome Christian Gold House Chapel Ministry is a welcoming community of non denominational Christians! Our Headquarters are located in Liverpool – Merseyside, United Kingdom.  We also have a Branch in Accra Ghana. We welcome anyone who wishes to Worship the Lord God Jehovah without judgement or bias. All we ask is that you are open to share and receive the word of God. And you respect other’s in the same community! 

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