Genesis 1:3 and God said let there be light, and it was aNd he seperated light from darkness…he called the light day and the darkness night.
Light dispells darkness.which represents evil. If you have darkness in you, you focus on whats negative in your life. But when light dwells in you, you have peace, success, the light is Jesus and we too are the light as inheritors with Him!
Sometimes society will not recognise you, they may shun you. But keep focused on The Light he alone will never abandon you!

Jesus came to the world but we didn’t believe. Even those that knew him didn’t recognize him. Pharisees said, can any thing good come from Nazareth? Why, because it takes time for the light to shine thru the darkness. Jesus’ light shone…you too are the light. Abd you want it to shine for men to see and when it does, you wont believe how,bright it is. Isaiah says, rise n shine for your star is nigh…Do you truly believe this? Or are you so steeped in darkness you dont HEAR the word as it pertains to your life


Why You Must Let The Light of the world Shine in You!

#1. Rise And shine child of God. He has put out a demand on you to shine. Confess the word of God in order to shine. In order for you to shine, confess the word of God day and night. Speak His word daily. Decree, declare and be firm as you change your life…and you will change yor life f you believe every Thought declaration and Word you speak on your life as already divined for you!

#2. You must connect with Jesus who inspires you to go beyond, if only you lean on him you will be better,Greater… Look to the future. You may even have to pass thru the baptism of fire, betrayal, rejection, affliction etc, but with Jesus your light will shine through. He took all our struggles and nailed them on the cross. He defeated darkness on our behalf, so we are Free to Shine to our highest Deivined Destiny! Are You reaching for your Stars??? Or are you looking at the past and letting regrets keep you there…!

When you are in darkness your are a dead man walking. When you connect with Jesus darkness has no place in your life. You will jump higher, your standard will be way above the earth. His Spirit went above death, He is seated at the right hand of God Christ Is Our Light, He is seated at The right hand TO PLEAD our CAUSE…

There is only one way to heaven and that’s thru Jesus. None other. Jesus is the only way. He is our light that never dims, the alpha and omega. He reigns.

Champions Have Got The Light!Listen people of God; champions in life are those who have connected to Jesus. He gives you access to the realms and supernatural. Neither principalities nor satan can come to you as you are firmly rooted in Jesus. He has already paid for YOU IN FULL. Yet ignorance is keeping us enslaved spiritually. Lack of knowledge my people are dead…Hid gave us the power. Lets connect to the power the has already made us kings, yet we look for the crumbs. People use concoction looking for a temporary solution….. We have a permanent one. God gave us and the enemy wants to take it from us.
If we cheat, lie, commit adultery and then declare that no weapon formed against…nooo. Stay connected to the light and be empowered to walk upon scorpions and they wont harm you. Whatever arrows they release won’t affect you. Their schemes will never succeed… . Coz you are under the rock. Look at Mesach, Shadrak and Abednego…. No fire could burn them coz they had the connection to the light. No bullet can harm you…are you a child of God? He is almighty…. Connect to him. Doesn’t matter what family your were born in..

#3. Walk in Faith… Apply the word to your life and you will reign. Cry onto Your God and your faith will change your situation…Its all based on the connection you have with Jesus…pray with all faith, operate by faith.

The Light has given Us Power To Create

Act by faith, move some things, shake yourself and give glory to God.
Every child of God does doubt when in the flesh, thats when the enemy sneaks in. Be watchful what you do when in that state. Dont lose your inheritance when in the flesh. Control your flesh. Look at Samson who lost his strength and anointing because of the flesh…the enemy destroys always looking for your downfall.

Pray with all your soul that every darkness in your life be broken today. 2 Samuel 22:29 you’re my light oh lord, you turned my darkness into light and fight against my enemies….
The light of God lifts you up above your enemies, He is the Rock, none can compare. He trains our hands for battle…and my hands can bend a bow of iron. He gives us victory over the enemy. We pursue and crush them…Wow!


RIGHT NOW, TODAY…Put an embargo, stomp on your enemy. Subdue and achieve your mission, you will reign and Dominate. May you be the head of the nation. Possess your possessions. God has an agenda a master plan for his children. Nothing can stop the will of God. Psalm 91 operates in your life. Jer 10:1-16 hear the word of the Lord you people of Israel…Don’t be terrified of the signs in th the sky! What is that…some signs are evil. Some bad elements do happen in the atmosphere…But as a child of God whatever manifests will not harm you.

Pray that the light of God shines on you. This is a powerful prayer. It opens doors.

I leave you with this amazing song by Bill Withers. a Great Listen and Be blessed as you obey the word of God!

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Lean On the Lord And Let Your Light Shine Bright By Your Life 🙂

Rev Samuel F Sarpong

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