Prophetic Happy Easter

As l write these words on PROPHETIC PROMISES, l can hardly contain my excitement at what God has been sharing with me, both directly and through modern day prophets whom l greatly respect!

This is a time of year when we often look for a fresh revelation from the Lord and seek to discover more about Him and His plans for our life. And I’ve spent much time in the past few weeks asking God for direction and wisdom, not just for myself and my family, but also for my partners and believers everywhere.

Our Lord Jesus has shown me prophetically that 2016 will be the greatest year ever, and that word was confirmed through other world renowned and trusted prophets and prophetesses, whom I trust and greatly respect too! l truly believe this prophetic word-not just for me, but for you, as well- and the Word of the God confirms it!

As l SEEK the Lord about 2016, l’ve heard over and over: This will be your greatest year ever! Best of all, God has confirmed that prophetic word  with His Word, drawing me again and again to Malachi 3, which details seven clear-cut promises for those who act in faith. When God speaks, He cannot lie. His Word

shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which l please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto l sent itIsaiah 55:11

God will send an outpouring and will “open you the windows of heaven” (verse 10) Windows of heaven always deal with revival. The Lord promises to revive every person who obeys Him. The Pass word here is “Obedience to God” 

God will send prosperity, no lack, for He promises to pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it” (verse 10). Think about it! God Almighty declares clearly in His Word that givers will be prosperous – so prosperous, in face, that there will not be room enough to receive the prosperity and blessing God has in store for the ones who obey Him.

God will cripple the enemy in your life and “will rebuke the devourer for your sakes” (verse 11). Years age when l taught this in Liverpool, l discovered that rebuke, to my amazement, means “to cripple” or “to paralyze.” God Almighty will actually cripple the enemy on your behalf when you tithe. Giving is so important to the Lord that He promises to paralyze and cripple the enemy so he will not be able to touch your life!

Prophetic Promises of #Abundance and #Prosperity!

Prophetic Promises on Finances

I give this special mention because lots of people world wide are in need of financial upliftment. God will protect your finances, for we are told that the enemy of your “shall not destroy the fruits of your ground” (verse 11). Satan, whom God has crippled on your behalf, will not be able to touch your finances. The “fruits of your ground” refers to your money. As a result of your obedience to the Lord in your giving, the enemy will not be able to touch your money.

One of the Prophetic Promises of 2016 - #Divineprotection

Prophetic word on Safety

God will keep your family safe from the enemy’s hand and promises, “Neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field” (verse 11). It is remarkable that Jesus later said,

l am the vine, ye are the branches” (John 15:5).

The vine here means the family, and God gives this amazing promise to the giver when He says that if you obey the Lord in your giving, the enemy will not touch your family.

God will cause you to be a great witness of His power and blessings to the nations, for the Word proclaims, “All nations shall call you blessed” (verse 12). God will bless and prosper you so that the nations of the world will see the blessings of God on you. In other words you will be a mighty witness of the power and blessing of God.

God will use you for His glory, for He promises, “Ye shall be a delightsome land,” (verse 12). Delightsome means “highly desired”. As you obey the Lord with your giving, God will so highly desire you that He will use you.

And I am talking about Giving of your selt, Your time, your efforts, experise, experience, resources…Many people confuse giving with juts monetary attachments. God is wealth and he only calls you to give with joy what he already has given you to build Kingdom on earth!  And as you give this Easter-tide may your Jars of oil & flour never dry. 

Have a blessed Easter and As Always I invite you to join our Facebook Community or Join us in Praise and Worship. Allow me to leave you with this song That affirms that the Lord we serve is a Living God!



As always I remain

Rev Samuel F Sarpong


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