Christian Gold House Ministry Intl. formerly Christian Gold House Chapel is an ever-growing, diverse and inclusive Christian faith community.

Our congregations draw from a raft of people and Christians of varied denominations all of whom have a shared attraction in the amazing grace of God, the welcoming space the Church provides, and the glorifying sermons of Rev. Samuel Sarpong. 

For now, the Church operates from 170 Kensington, Liverpool L7 2RJ. Our long-term objective is to buy or build our own Church premise for which we are constantly fundraising.

The Church believes in giving back to the community and has undertaken three (3) major conventions in Liverpool city center since 2010 when it was formed. We plan to proactively engage with other community groups and hold more conventions in and outside Liverpool.

In addition to evangelical activities, we undertook an environmental clean-up exercise on the 29th August 2015, starting from the Kensington Fairfield area, through Prescot Road to Liverpool City Centre. We are in consultation with communities, churches, and other voluntary organisations to make this an annual event across the city.

Christian Gold House Ministry is an Evangelical, Pentecostal, Charismatic Community, and Church. CGH Ministry is based in Liverpool with a branch in Ghana. We abide by the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Our aim is to live the word as expressed in the Bible and we focus on evangelism and promotion of Christian love across communities. Emphasis is placed on the imminent return of Christ, deliverance, speaking in tongues, and holiness in our preaching and worship. At Christian Gold House Chapel we value people and provide a welcoming space for everyone who walks through our doors.

Doctrine and Belief

The fundamental belief of our church is the exercise of faith. So we experience the Holy Ghost and the presence of Jesus Christ as Lord and personal Saviour within us.

We are a Bible and Spirit-led Ministry that promotes spiritual development and sustainability through prayer. We see the image of God in everyone in the Christian Gold House Chapel Ministry!


Rev. Samuel Sarpong is the Founder and Head Pastor of the Christian Gold House Ministry International. In 2010 he was called by God to establish a church in Liverpool. He experienced the call in a unique time of Deep meditation. After which he withdrew from many earthly activities in order to concentrate on prayer and study of the word of God.  

He dedicated himself entirely to the belief and faith that God has a purpose for everything he has made and has his own ways of fulfilling every purpose for the benefit of humankind and for his glory. He fasted and prayed intensively for confirmation from God before embarking on Christ’ Calling!

It came to pass that in the same year 2010, Rev. Samuel Frempong Sarpong established the Ministry Headquarters and Church in Liverpool. Since then many people have experienced spiritual breakthroughs, healing, deliverance, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit by the grace of God and through the anointed man of God.

Interviews with people from different denominations who have embraced Christian Gold House Ministry, suggest he is a holy man of God with strong anointing grace and the power of deliverance upon him.

Indeed, Rev. Samuel Frempong Sarpong remains one of the most anointed men of God in modern times. His leadership has seen the church becoming one of the fastest-growing communities within Liverpool and its environs.

Certainly, he has uplifted the community. Christian Gold House Ministry is instrumental in saving souls, uniting families and building communities for God’s work. Over the years Rev Sarpong has had the blessed opportunity of sharing his spiritual knowledge and motivational sermons on Sky Believe TV with thousands of viewers.

Place and Times of Worship

Christian Gold House Ministry is currently located in a beautiful Old Building, 170 Kensington  Liverpool L72RJ 

We hold regular Sunday services from 9:30 am to 11:30 am.

We worship and praise the Lord all-night Every Friday from 10:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

YOU Are most cordially welcome to attend our prayer sessions for spiritual and personal growth. Bring a Friend and Enjoy the Presence of the Holy Spirit in a unique way!


You are happily invited, with open arms to join us in prayer, worship, fellowship, breaking of bread, and make great life long friends in the name of the Lord. In our fellowship, you will feel and enjoy the presence and love of God in a new refreshing way. I declare the good hand of the Lord upon your life. You are favored in the sight of God.

Prayer Requests

For prayer request please email us on support[at]cghministry.com or call us on 07962665090 You may also follow the instructions on our Prayer Request Page and complete the online form. Remember you are never alone, we are here to Support you in prayer and Celebrate with you too.