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The Best Form of Defense is….Attack! How? Be Prayerful and Fast for Your Miracle!

The Original Article on how to Be Prayerful was Published in 2015 on our Old/Former free WP Website. It was authored by our Co-Pastor  and Evangelist Amma Bentil.

This article is taking Place of Honour As our Very First published Post on this our New Online Home.


Christian Gold House Chapel Ministry International and Rev Samuel F Sarpong is all about Prayer, Praise, Worshiping the Lord God Yahweh! 

So Lets Dive in.

The Best Form of Defence is….Attack! How? Be Prayerful and Fast for Your Miracle! #cghcministry #praise

Be prayerful and full of praise, because there are two things God cannot do…

1. He can never tell a lie

2. He Cannot worship himself, thus he created us!

Be prayerful because prayer, praise & worship is our road to peace of mind, and every miracle that we were created for! Exodus 14:13


And Moses said unto the people, fear ye not, stand still, AND SEE the salvation of the Lord, which he will shew to you to day: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day, ye shall see them again no more for ever.”


It is important to say at this juncture that your height in life is a function of your sight. Only what you see is what you are permitted to take.

If you can see God intervening for you, He comes to make His word good. The reason is, when you see right, He acts fast. “…what seest thou?”

It is not the function of what people see in you, neither the function of what your parents, siblings see in you. Your life is a function of what you see in yourself. What and where you are today is a product of what you saw and thought about yourself yesterday.

our weapons are Reading the word, Be prayerful – lots of praise #ourlegacy #cghcministry Share on X


People of God is there a prince of Persia or a pharaoh tormenting your life? Today we must wage a war against that enemy…Its not a physical war..Its spiritual and our weapons are: Reading the word, Be prayerful – lots of praise and worship of God the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit and Fasting…

The prayer I am talking about is not this 2 min, 1 Hr shabarah on a prayer line etc. where life’s interruptions wont allow you to fellowship with our God fully. Rather a focused timely, OR Hours of sheer praise and prayer. Lay it all bare at the feet of Jesus who already made a show of the enemy. Shout your praises, its time for that breakthrough to come. The wait is over. It is time. And guess what….

The best form of defense is attack. Are you alive somebody?


The best form of defense is attack. Are you alive somebody? Share on X

Today I declare that every demon that’s sharpened it’s teeth against you will choke on its own teeth to its death in the Mighty name of He who died on the cross and shed his blood for you and I.

Lets look at the story of Daniel; He warred with a lion and was victorious, why because he had the hand of God on his side! So we call on the Captain of the Lord’s army to fight our battles too!

In Daniel 10 we are shown Daniel’s Vision…Do you have a Vision my brother and sister?

Did that vision come from The Throne room, and what did you do about it?

Did you allow doubt, weakness and those that don’t share your vision to steal that vision! 

You see Daniel’s friends none of them could see the vision he was seeing and they all left him. The vision was so powerful it left Daniel weak at the knees…But hey this man was a fighter…A prayerful man, he fasted for days.

So the abandonment of friends, their lack of vision, the weakness he felt, none of those things stopped him from focusing on the vision and ASKING GOD to amplify it for him!

Ha how many times do we receive a prophesy or have  dream or revelation and we do absolutely nothing about it? We don’t pray to God asking for clarity or direction. Sometimes we even dismiss it as a bad dream…Ha. People of God its only if you keep being prayerful and seeking the Clarity of the Holy Spirit that your visions will come into manifestation!

So TODAY, We assign Angel Gabriel to take up his battle dress and Weapons and get rid of whichever lions, princes of Persia, Pharaohs, principalities whatever the enemy has orchestrated against us and is threatening our lives with.

We have to be set free today we deserve to enter the month of March free from shackles so that we will reign as the Lord intended for us to be.

So put on your garments of War people of God. It’s the hour to get rid of some of our tormentors. Open Daniel 10 and read the word. Prayer is our weapon

In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia a thing was revealed unto Daniel, whose name was called Belshazzar; and the thing was true, even a great warfare: and he understood the thing, and had understanding of the vision. In those days I, Daniel, was mourning three whole weeks. I ate no pleasant bread, neither came flesh nor wine into my mouth, neither did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled….



Fasting is another weapon. Today people, we are too “greedy.”

We cant give up even a couple of hours of food! Why don’t we fast a day a week or more every week? Put our bodies under subjugation, crucify the flesh…and see if God will not get rid of those evil lions for us.

For the only lion we at Christian Gold House Chapel Ministry recognize is the Lion of Judah and He cannot lie to us. He promised that all good and perfect gifts cone from where…? Above.



Have you sat down and asked what’s missing in your life?


Have you sat down and asked what’s missing in your life? #cghministry #beprayerful Share on X




Be Prayerful and Fast Here is How

Ask the Lord in prayer and He will give it. Not any small small thing, but that bigger than life vision, that dream that you know only a miracle can deliver. Dream Huge! Hannah asked God_Will_Make_a_way - Be PrayerfulGod for A son. “And I will dedicate him to you”…and bible says there was no prophet like Samuel… So ask for great things and fight for them… With your praise and worship… And fasting ????.

What’s your vision for life? Daniel received a revelation… An amazing one…! Ask God to show you how you can obtain favour from his throne-room.

Daniel received a vision and he understood it. Do you understand your vision or dreams? You and I will always have able vision and purpose for our lives and we don’t have to envy anyone, for ours is a great call.

Daniel was mourning for 3 full weeks… How long have you been mourning? Deny yourself like Daniel. Deprive the flesh and strengthen the spirit and you will see your vision, and it shall come to pass. You cannot achieve success by gallivanting in clubs and houses of iniquity, crucify your flesh and you will eat the food of everlasting joy.

Once you receive a revelation you have to act on it, even if it means change. Set your face towards the heavens and cry onto the almighty Daniel style and tell me your life won’t change. Ayayaya which God is that then. Is it not Jehovah… He never forsakes us nor abandons us.

We come from a limitless God, so we are capable of receiving from the same infinite source…. Eh is it not the same God who brought us out of the wilderness, who delivered David from Goliath, who opens the womb of the barren, Eh what can’t He do?

The devil is a liar. Let’s overcome that liar by our testimonies always. For Jehovah is worthy.



How Does Being Prayerful Help? 

Show your self one more time Jehovah and defeat our enemies. We need you Lord for we look up to you. God has already set his angels ready to battle for us, whatever we ask today, we shall surely see.



Be Prayerful Shake off whatever is holding you back with fasting and praise!

Open Your Mouth and Be Prayerful

If you are able to open your mouth today and pray …every prince of Persia in your life will be demolished. You will see your vision manifest ohhh who is awake….
Those around Daniel didn’t see his vision…. It’s the same today… Many around you won’t understand your vision… They will abandon you and like Daniel you will become weak… But never run away from your vision.

Daniel’s courage left him, you too will begin to doubt yourself and God’s plan for you…ha our ways are not His ways. People of God (PoG) you have greatness in you. Don’t ever underestimate your self. The same God who created those people you look up to, who have reached their boundaries, created you.

you have greatness in you. Don’t ever underestimate your self. #Ammabentil #Samuelsarpong #cghcministry Share on X


You are greatly loved by God. You’re not any old ordinary being, so stand tall and know who you are. The apple of God’s eye. You cannot go far by crawling Daniel 10: 7-12 stand tall, be firm against the devil and he will flee form you.  Listen to the Spirit within and go forth.

March BlessingToday we are crying on to the Lord to release the chief of His Army to come down and release our angels who have been trapped by the enemy, to deliver our blessings.

The doors have already been opened, it’s time for us to walk into our blessings. We have been reading the Word, Praying, Fasting, Crying onto Him for months now. It is time PoG.

May Your  Visions from the heavenly throne-room come Into Manifestation in Jesus name!

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Yours in Christ

Rev Samuel F. Sarpong 



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