Can You Go Empty Handed When You Serve The Living God?

Do You Serve The Living God? Then What Are You Afraid Of? Take It To the Lord in Prayer

By Evangelist Amma Bentil and Pastor Samuel F Sarpong

Can You Go Empty Handed When You Serve The Living God? This is a question many answer with a YES….! WHAT? My answer is Never! God will never and can never leave you nor forsake you. He has a wonderful Plan for you and So if you serve Him with Righteousness, there is no way He can leave you to go empty handed when you seek his face in need of anything!

The Livung God Can never Let You Go empty Handed. Just Believe!

You can’t go empty handed when you serve the living God, No!  Whoever shall call on the name of God, shall be saved. When you are tired, weary, ostracized, humiliated, downgraded, degraded, when you hit rock bottom, and you go to Jehovah…Cry out to Him, He will wash you with the blood of Calvary and set you free.

When you are built on the knowledge and wisdom of the Holy Spirit nothing can shake you, because God has a covenant with you. You are the church, give your all to God and he will reward you for generations to come. When all is said and done Jehovah is the living God, and when we call out to him, He shows up and performs on his word. Can you imagine Abraham’s pain as he put his son ready for sacrifice… But God showed up with the sacrificial lamb…and later he sent the ultimate sacrificial lamb. Do you think your offerings are going to waste…Never. Know who you are and whom you serve and go about your day with confidence in Him who died on the cross for us all!

We must boast of who our Dad is, He is God, Yahweh, the creator of all. He will raise a standard against our enemies as he promised that he will never leave us nor forsake us. We are his children, the apples of his eye. Hosea 6:2 he shall revive us, raise us and we shall live before him. God always lets us appear before him. He replenishes us. We need his strength and joy. Heavenly father I stand on your word in Hosea…revive me…in every department of my life be specific in what you want and say it like you already own it envision it in your mind! …Say this prayer over your life by faith.

Esther 9 humble yourself under the unction of the Lord and his servants so that God will use you to fulfill his word. Esther and Mordecai  were Hebrew slaves in a powerful Kingdom. Yet they were able to turn this kingdom upside down, slay their masters and take their liberty. How were they able to do this as a  simple security man and servant maid; becoming the most powerful people in that Kingdom at the time? How did they overcome their adversaries?

By Prayer, fasting and abiding by the word of God…

The Jews at the time were like lambs to the slaughter. Yet They prevailed over their captors and enemies.  Anything that God asks you to deal away with don’t hesitate… Saul left some of kings Agars descendants and they became a thorn in the Hebrews side. God said for Israel’s sake I will not rest. So you too should confess your weaknesses to God, he has the power to heal you or use someone to heal you. Saul didn’t listen to God’s instruction to finish all, he didn’t kill all the amelikites…600 yrs later this came back to haunt Saul’s descendants. But thanks to the humility and sacrifice of Esther and Mordecai  the situation was remedied.

Esther Believed That She Served The Living God!
The tables were turned…by God….Why didn’t he react earlier, because someone had to call on him to reign and have mercy on the Hebrews. In this scripture we learn that the prime minister Haman hated Mordecai  because Mordecai  didn’t bow down to him. Mordecai worshiped God, he was always before God in prayer and thus he prevailed against his enemies. The Jews slew their enemies with sword and did war against those who hated them. All Haman’s 10 sons were killed. Yet the king asked Esther to make any request and it shall be granted…..he wasn’t angry with her despite her uncle’s actions vs the prime minister Haman.

We all need a physical and spiritual helper. God the Holy Spirit is our spiritual helper who channels our physical helper to deliver our prayers in the flesh. We need a spiritual connection in the flesh …to uplift us. Someone who will say; What can I do for Pastor Sarpong…? One divine connection  can be all you need to take you to the next level…May the God of Esther and Mordecai connect us to the right people in Jesus name!

James 4:2 you lust and do not have, you murder, covet and cannot obtain, you fight and war yet you do not have, because you do not ask…! And when you ask, you don’t get because you ask amiss.

You have to envision yourself as already having what you want and ask for and see if you won’t even get a better one! Pray, Ask and The God of the universe will deliver…Beyond your wildest imagination. You will possess your possessions, you will not die prematurely, your cup runneth over. See the Jews still enjoy today, the blessings of their forefathers! You too will have the upper hand against your enemy. You are the Modern day Jew. You are about to rest from your labour and enjoy the work of your hands, enjoy the fruits of your labour, to rest from your labours…you serve the living God…better believe it. Esther 9:18 -20

If You Serev The Living God You Will See Your Petitions Manifest!

This is what the Lord will do to your enemies psalms 11:6, because Vengeance and judgement belongs to God so lets hand over our enemies to his attention and get n with our lives. We don’t have to bless them, if they want us dead. We let God deal with them super effectively!

As he deals with your enemies, Pray for favour with God and that will catapult you into favour with men. He will connect you with the right people who will promote your cause. They will speak favourably about you to people you don’t even know, who will be moved to bring good to you! May the Lord connect us all to the right influential people for our cause in Jesus Name.

And until the next time We leave you with this awesome music to remind you of Who it is you serve

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And may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all now and forever more amen.

                                                                    Evangelist Amma Bentil


Rev Pastor Samuel F Sarpong   

Rev Samuel F Sarpong  

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