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Partnership – You Can Book the Rev Samuel Sarpong a world-renowned Motivational Speaker

We have several options for Partnership with Christian Gold House Ministry Intl. and Rev. Samuel F Sarpong! 

Living your life with dignity and respect is an everyday struggle. Hearing the right words from experienced and admired personalities can not only help boost your confidence but also inspire you to do better by yourself.

We offer a unique and dedicated demographic of readers interested in The Word of God. Worshiping Him, Praise, Bible Study, and Community Fellowship and Out-reach work.

Our readership is interested in creating a Solid everlasting Relationship with Jehovah God and Spreading Christ Love to others they come into contact with.

Our Lives are so much better because of our Faith in Jesus Christ! Use the Contact Us Page or Contact the Rev directly at: rev[at]

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Every so often we Accept a Guest article CGHMinistry is thus looking for experienced Men and Women of God. Christ-Centered Writers, Bloggers, and non Denominational believers who have written about Christ, Prayer, Prophecy, Divine Encounters, Deliverance, etc.

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It can be in line with any of the following!

  • Reaffirming Faith
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Religious Worship
  • Inner Peace
  • Divine encounters
  • Upliftment

WHY you Should Book Rev. Sarpong for your Next Event:

With many years of experience in the challenging environment of Ghana, Reverend Samuel F. Sarpong has a very rich life experience in spirituality, human behavior and well being.

Since establishing Christian Gold House Ministry Intl. headquarters in Liverpool, Rev Sarpong has helped numerous people have a life change and turn around.

He is a Preacher with fire in his belly and is known for his prophetic announcements and deliverance sessions!

You can read more about Rev Pastor Samuel Sarpong in his book – Dying unto sin and living unto righteousness.

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