There are rewards for righteous behaviour and there are punishment for evil deeds. The person who gives freely will never lack any good thing while the one who believes that there is wisdom in being stingy will never receive anything. There are some people who mainly focus on their wealth. They are never concerned about the welfare of others. Unfortunately, they are short-changing themselves because when you don’t give, you can never have an opportunity to be blessed.

After speaking to the multitude from Peter’s boat, He told him to launch out into the deep, and the miracle of that catch was so evident that it had a lasting impact on all the beholders; this is what is considered the quality of a true miracle. There is a user of this devotional, l decree in the name that is above all names, my Father will give you a mouthwatering miracle in Jesus’ name. It doesn’t matter how had things may be, your blessings will be daily manifested to the would in Jesus’ name. There is nothing as pleasant as the Lord instructing you. The moment l hear my father instructing me on anything you. The moment l hear my father instructing me on anything, it doesn’t matter how hard it may be, l obey, knowing that it will always end in my favor. The reason some people withhold what they have is because they don’t want it to leave their hands, but in the economy of God, whatever leaves your hand does not leave your life, it will always bring forth a great harvest.

From the experience of Peter and his colleagues, their nets broke so bad that they had to beckon on others for help them. l have always said this; there is at least one of my children who when he goes to the bank to deposit money, because of how much the money usually is, the bank closes for 3 days. And l believe this will be your portion in Jesus’ name. No matter how hard it is to believe, God is not bothered, because He will still do what He wants to do just to show the would that He is God.

In the words of a hymn writer, you must always remember that you are not your own, you are bought with a price, (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). Give your whole life to Jesus; let Him take all your moments and your days Withhold not your hands from moving for Him. Let your feet be swift in His business. The moment we give our lives to the Lord, we become partners with Christ. Just as in a partnership, there are nominal partners and there are active partners. This is equally applicable in your relationship with Christ; you cannot put in your all and lack any good thing. Some people have money, but some of the most precious things in life are priceless. God has divinely selected you so that He can be glorified in your life. Peter waited on the Lord with his boat. He wasn’t in a hurry, he did not see himself washing away while other were bury catching fish, and ne instructing from God made the results of others pale in comparison to his. As you wait on the Lord with your sacrifice, service and gifts, the Almighty God who controls the times and seasons will give you an unprecedented breakthrough in Jesus’ name.


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