What We Do

What We Do at Christian Gold House Chapel Ministry – Our Services!Christian Gold House Chapel Services Details!

In this space, we share What we do, our Services and encourage you to also check out our Events Page and Partnership Page for further details.

If you are looking to Worship with us, we got some details for you here! Lets Just say You will never be the same again after a worship session with us! 

Beautiful Worship Services and Prayer Sessions in Liverpool

If you are looking for an uplifting spiritual experience, Christian Gold House Chapel just might be the place for you to drop in.

We hold beautiful worship sessions and Sunday Services in the Liverpool area. Head on to our worship page to learn where to find the Christian Gold House Chapel premises.

You can chose to soak in our regular Morning Prayer and worship held every Wednesday Morning. Detail are usually shared in the Sunday Worship Services. From now on, start your day without fear and absolute trust in the Guiding and loving power of our Lord Jesus Christ who already defeated the enemy on your behalf! 

Our Services & Prayer Sessions include

• Daily Motivation 

• Morning Prayers

• Wednesday Teaching

• Friday Christian Healing & Prayers

• Children’ Sunday School

Our Services are Aimed to help you be at Peace with yourself

With Reverend Samuel Sarpong at the Christian Gold House Chapel helm, you will receive teaching from an experienced man of God. Rev Sarpong has helped countless people in rediscovering their divine purpose and get closer to a measure of inner peace.

You are welcome to either Visit our Contact Page, or Come on in to the Chapel and Lets help you redirect your life to the Path God set for you. A journey of Living in the Gap, and embracing a joyous happy path, filled with the Holy Spirit. Contact us to find out more about what we do.