he Place of the Anointing Oil



The anointing is not a spiritual pot of oil placed in the spirit of the believer. it is the personality, power and the glory of the Holy Spirit released in the believer and upon him to saturate your spirit, soul and body so that you can operate and live like Jesus did on earth.
      The presence of Christ in our lives in the person of the Holy Spirit and it is the anointing within us. What then is the role of the anointing oil in the physical form? Some people contend that the anointing oil is merely a symbol of the Holy Spirit without any supernatural or divine power. If the anointing oil is merely a symbol, all kings and all priests in the Old Testament would not have had to have it poured upon them during their consecration. The consecrating ministers would have had the liberty to decide whether to use it or not. The use of the oil was however mandatory. (I challenge you, to find scriptures in the bible to this effect…WHY Because it will allow you to grow in the Spirit and maybe to read the word of God Yourself 🙂 )

So what’s The Place of the Anointing oil?

      Oil was so used in the ministration of the Holy Spirit, that the application of oil became synonymous with the description of the working of the Holy Spirit in people’s lives. Today the practice & belief still holds “The Holy Spirit is too great to be confined to just within you”
“Let the garments be always white, and let thy head lack no ointment” Eccl.9:8 if holiness is required of us everyday, everywhere by God, then He also expects us to remain in the anointing always and we must constantly walk in the anointing and must learn to overcome our dependence on emotions, fleshly things.


    The anointing is the power of the Holy Spirit given to the believer to accomplish specific tasks. When this power is infested with the toxins of bad motives and sinful deeds it appears unattractive. In the book of Revelation John made reference to the seven spirits of God. Rev. 1:4-5 the Holy Spirit is referred to as the seven Spirits. And the Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him, “the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord” Isaiah 11:2
The Spirit of Reverence
The Spirit of Knowledge
The Spirit of Understanding
The Spirit of Wisdom
The Spirit of Counsel
The Spirit of Might
The Spirit of the Lord


    So now you know that the Anointing oil is packed with divine powers. In the hands of a believer the Anointing Oil Heals, Cleanses, elevates, breaks yokes, its packed with not only the Power of the Holy Spirit bu also the blood of Jesus! So go ye and Anoint men and women as children of God believing fully that you are empowering them to be more than victorious against principalities,  powers and all wickedness from high places. To conquer, to walk in greatness, to prosper and to build Kingdom of God and glorify His name. And may his grace be with us all now and forever more.


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