Christian Gold House Food Bank

Christian Gold House Ministry runs free food bank for the needy

Christian Gold House Ministry (CGH) has been running free food bank services in the Kensington District since 2020, providing essential food items and toiletries to over 50 people from underprivileged section of the society every week.

Christian Gold House Ministry, located in Liverpool’s Kensington street, is an all inclusive church, bringing people from different denominations who believe in Christ under one roof. It also has its other branch operating in Ghana.

Christian Gold House Ministry Food Bank Services

Christian Gold House Food BankLooking after the community and its well being is an important  function of the Church for which it has been making tremendous effort through its various social activities, one of which is the food bank service.

The CGH food bank is registered with the charities commission with a subscription of 80kgs per week.

Christian Gold House Ministry has partnered with some of the popular food joints including Fareshare Merseyside, Greggs in Old Swan and St. John’s Shopping Centre to run its food bank service in the Kensington district.

Although there are many food banks running around Merseyside but most of them charge a small amount of £3.50, if not more. However, at Christian Gold House Ministry, the food bank provides free food parcels to anyone who is in need.

Recently, the food bank was awarded 5 stars by the Liverpool City Council’s food safety officer after conducting a thorough examination of the food bank and hygiene conditions.

The food bank runs within the premises of the church and is open every Thursday from 12pm-1:30pm and every Sunday from 12:30pm-1pm.

Helping during the Covid-19 pandemic

During Covid-19 pandemic, Christian Gold House Ministry continued providing food to the destitute and the suffering with help of their food partners. The food and packages of other essential items were delivered directly to their homes along with due care of covid-19 restrictions.

With more help and support from government and private partners, Christian Gold House Ministry wants to reach out to more community not just in Liverpool but across other parts of UK to eliminate poverty. It is also involved in organising Inclusive Outreach Campaigns for all community members, irrespective of their social and economic background.

Visit the Christian Gold House Ministry website here to know more about their work.

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