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Know the miraculous story of Kensington’s evangelist church – Christian Gold House Ministry

Christian Gold House Ministry, Liverpool was established in 2010 by Rev. Samuel F Sarpong, who came from Ghana in 2oo9 to study Masters in Theology from the Bangor University in Wales.

A Miraculous Revelation

Rev Samuel S F Sarpong Lead Christian Gold House MinistryHe says, ” It was during my time in Bangor University when I was studying theology, God revealed to me in my dreams to state a church “.

As soon as the revelation came upon Rev. Sarpong, he began looking for a suitable place to fulfill the purpose of the Lord. In the beginning, being already studying in Bangor, he thought of setting up the Church in the same city. However, the search in Bangor did not bring any fruit.

He says,  “Bangor is primarily a University area that receives a lot of intake of foreign students. Thereby, during the break, most of the students go home and the town remains quite until the colleges and universities start again”.

Finding a place for the Church

Rev. Sarpong, through his friends and other connections, tried to search for a place in London. It was during this time when one of his friends acquainted him to a Ghanaian Lady who lived in Liverpool. This lady introduced him to L’Arche Liverpool, which is a community support system for people with learning disabilities. The L’Arche Liverpool gave him a temporary place to start preaching. This was on 13th of February, 2010 when Rev. Samuel Sarpong booked the place for the church in Liverpool.

Christian Gold House MinistryA church needs a congregation of believers to get some kind of recognition in the community. When Rev. Samuel booked the place, he had no members but his will was strong and guided by the Lord himself.

He told the manager of the place that there are 100 people with him to begin the church and start preaching. It was already the third week of February and soon he was to deliver his first preaching. He called one of his friends, who is also a prophetess and she gave him the contact of another lady in Birmingham. After contacting this lady and telling him his purpose of calling and about his newly stated Church in Liverpool, the lady brought along a mass of people from Birmingham to hear the preaching. The room was full of people who were true and faithful devotees of God. Since then, the growth of the CGH ministry began.

The early years were difficult and Rev. Sarpong was regularly traveling from Bangor to Liverpool every weekend to deliver his preaching without fail. Sometimes, he would also travel to Birmingham, Manchester and London to preach and spread the word of God. In 2012, he had set up a church in Manchester which continued for one year before he finally shifted to Liverpool in order to continue his work there and he had to close the Manchester Church in 2013.  However, he still continued holding the preaching for Manchester, every weekend through the Faith Channel.

Calling all believers to the Christian Gold House Ministry

After shifting to Liverpool in 2013, next step was to find a permanent place for the Church. The place at L’Arche was only for a temporary period until a permanent and bigger place could be arranged for where the church can be fully set up with all its musical instruments, alter and pulpits.

Rev. Samuel Sarpong got in touch with the Archbishop who was then in the process of restoring the building in 170 Kensington, Liverpool which was first the Christ Church. The building is an old, historical building which was left derelict for a very long time. Finally, after negotiating with the Archbishop and the Kensington Community, the place was given to Rev. Samuel Sarpong to establish the Church which is now called the Christian Gold House Ministry.

Over the past decade, the Church has been greatly involved with the local community, not only within Liverpool but also in other parts of the United Kingdom, including Birmingham, Manchester, London and Bristol. It provides help to the needy, the poor and those who are in trouble through various charity programs.

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Today, the Church has over 100 members registered with it. It is open to all who believes in Christ and those who want to know our maker. The gate of the Church is never closed. People from different backgrounds, religion or caste are all welcomed and heard.

Visit their website here to know more about their work and the support they provide to the local community.

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