God’s Love is Amazing

Have You been Amazed by God’s Love Lately?

Surely everyone who is alive and has breath has seen God’s love, believer or non believer!

Today Mark’s the beginning of the season of Lent for most Christians World wide, a season when many give up something that they love or cant do without for at least 40 days as a precursor to the celebration of the season of Passover! Most give up things like Chocolate, Facebook, gadgets, Favorite foods, fasting food for 6-12 hrs, make up ha God have mercy 🙂 … material things! Have you thought of giving up some of Your Time to do good? Have you considered going to that food bank and serving the homeless, and while you are at it take whatever you save from the goodies you have given up and provide even more food for those in more need! Surely that you have something to give up for the next 40 days is a sign of God’s love in it self!

Have you considered praying for somebody as part of your lenten season Gift, instead of asking from God, Purpose to Pray for other people this lent. Do an all out act of selflessness per day all part of Giving. And see the hand of God in your life in a miraculous way…!

I cant help but be amazed by Mark’s Gospel  where its made clear that from the first day of God's Love Breaks every chainChrist’ public ministry his Messianic begun to manifest to those who saw & heard him! The people of Capernaum were bemused and astonished by his teaching and power over the evil spirit!

“What and who is this” they asked, that the unclean spirits hear and obey him?

And yet guess what, they still never recognized Jesus as the Son Of God, our Messiah sent to release us from all unclean spirits and bondage of every kind! God’s love is way beyond human expectation or even imagination, because ours is a limited mind! Yet we come from a limitless God and live in a limitless world!

It was God’s own Plan to reveal the mystery of his love to us, slowly and gradually so that when the chain of evidence had been completed by his resurrection, We the followers of Christ could look back and see each and every blessed link in hat chain! And proclaim his life and death and profess his Resurrection in the breaking of the bread & Drinking of his Blood!…Well don’t get freaked out, this is no ritual, It is Word and the Word is Life 🙂 So do this Daily in the next 40 days an see the power of God’s love manifest in your life in miraculous and amazing ways!

God's love is everlasting By the above chain of evidence and ultimate resurrection, we as Christians are made ready to accept without question the mystery of the incarnation and realize the infinite love and Power of God that it brings about! When we look back and the life of Jesus, we know without a shadow of a doubt that he was God yet lived as a Man….two in one. What should amaze us is thus not his power to deal with evil, thats a given He is God< but that he chose to live amongst us as a Man, to suffer our sufferings, to live a simple life in the home of a carpenter, Not in a castle….WHY? So that we his children can live a life of Richness, Wealth, Perfect health, Fullness of Joy and Peace! Free from any yokes and chains, for by simply saying “Get out” demons flee from Jesus!

Now here is a sobering thought that I leave with you this lenten season…While amazed at the miracles in the book, God’s ;love for us how about the grudging and shabby way we return His love? For he simply asked us to Love one another, and look at how we humans treat each other! Just recently a whole town of Christians in Iraq was taken over by Isis and they go about beheading people in the name of Religion…! This is beyond inhuman, and its beyond human understanding how the devil really uses people in the umbrella of faith and religion!

How warm is our charity, our love of our neighbour? When was the last time you actually

Remember the Cross, as you Go about your Days And Be Love!
Remember the Cross, as you Go about your Days And Be Love!

knocked on your neighbours door and simply said a warm hello and gave a helping hand to your infirm neighbour? How much of our time do we give to the things of God, and how much to material things? When was the last time We said Genuine and warm THANK YOU GOD for THE LOVE, for Creating me and Giving me Breath? Let Us Begin today to say this Daily, Let us say it with deep sincerity and say it Often!

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Love of God and the Fellowship of the Holy spirit be with Us now and through out this Lent season, As we are anointed with The Oil of salvation Our Cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy will follow us all the days of our lives, and We will dwell in the house of Jehovah For eternity AMEN!

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God Bless You!

Rev Samuel F Sarpong

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