Did You Know That Its By God’s Grace alone That we Live?

Grace, I just want to continue on this thread! I have known this for a while yet like anyone else took it for granted. In this 2nd Month of the year I believe we should all simply tap into that grace, believing the Lord to deliver us to that which He created us for. For it is only by his grace that we are who we are! And we are where we are! Let me share some of the ways Grace has lead my life over the years! And at the end of it all, I ask you all to share what you believe Grace has done for you….

Grace has eliminated my fear of failure; l do not fear failure because grace has taught me that failure surely comes before success. This I have witnessed on various occassions big and small in my life and the lives of other ministry members and people I know believers and non-believers! So l am positive that I am 100% loved by God! Knowing this truth makes me quick to say sorry when l blow it and to be more gracious myself when I don’t attain the results I expect, because grace has taught me that forgiveness is always there.

Grace keeps me on the pedestal (not to lord it over others, but to do my very best for others): I know my spirit resides in the heavenlies, for Grace has seated me in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus , so what need have l for human propping up? I can tell you now if you seek human approval you will be sorely disappointed again and again. So I only seek approval from my God, and he shows me in many wonderful ways when I do good! Also, l know that grace has made every Christian and believer a priest, so l will do my very best to equip the saints to do the work of the Lord via the ministry. Let’s promote God and his Royal Priesthood of All Believers, not ourselves and we will reap the benefits here in the land of the living and in paradise… ūüôā

Grace keeps me serving: And boy can i say sometimes I wake up in a state f rebelliousness or sheer exhaustion and just want to have a lie in and do very little. Then I remember how Jesus did not rest until he had done the work his father sent him to do and because of that, I have life in abundance and eternal and Grace. The Grace that has taught me that my salvation, sanctification and ministry opportunities are all because of Jesus, Wow I have no excuse …Do you? Every gift that l have is from God and should be used for the service of the body of Christ i.e. the Church!

Grace keeps me kind and tolerant: Okay I will share a not so nice story, many times when on the bus, I get the push and shove and some people literally come right out and tell it to my face and other brothers and sisters to leave “our country” or get off the seat because this isn’t your country…! And KI wonder, at what point during creation did God say…” this land I give to the Brits, or the French, or Americans etc…” Then I remember, In the parable of the unforgiving servant, he that gets pardoned from a huge loan¬†refuses to pardon another from a minor loan.¬†Grace teaches me that God has pardoned me from my monstrous sins; therefore l am strengthened to forgive those who treat me wrong or sin against me.

Grace keeps me hard-working and committed: 1 Cor 15:10 But by the grace of God l am what l am what l am, and his grace to me was not without effect. No, l worked harder than all of them – yet not l , but the grace of God that was with me . Paul rejoices that he is accepted just as he is but he is quick t add that grace motivates him to strive for Christ.

Grace keeps me righteous: Grace teaches me to say no to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live a self- controlled, upright and godly life in this present age. Its not that I dont like to enjoy “Life” or dont wish to have a beautiful woman by my side, I really do….But I believe that I am where my God wants me to be Today by His Grace! Like any man I do like to be loved, But not at the expense of missing out on eternal life! So I focus on doing the will of God today!

Grace keeps me passionate for the lost: Not just physically but spiritually too, those who feel like life has passed them by, or unfair, those going through all kinds of distress, I am here extending a hand of help, do please feel free to send your prayer request and let me pray with and for you for the Lord to Make a Change! I like others who have come to know this amazing grace are desperate to share with others! so Allow me to help You.

Grace keeps me giving cheerfully:¬†And I’m not talking about money alone but of myself in any way I can for the Lord! In 2Cor 8:1-7, Paul speaks about this grace of giving. This means that God had divinely enabled them to give, but it also carries the idea that those who have freely received boundless, eternal grace have little difficulty in passing on this life limited, temporary wealth inc. money…

So I will leave you pondering that thought and the blessings of Psalms 23. May the Grace of out Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all now and forever more…Amen!

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Be blessed in the fields, as you work and in the city, in every department of your lives this new month!

Rev Samuel F Sarpong


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