I love the reason we celebrate this season! I love the spirit of love and generosity it engenders in most people as well, the lights the tinsel the twinkle in the little one’s eyes as they walk through the stores in town. Looking for that special something for Christmas. And most of us know exactly why we celebrate the birth of Christ.  Irrespective of the exact date/month He was actually born! For JOHN 3:16-18 tells us exactly why we must not only celebrate, but we should praise and worship him with all we are! Not only do we celebrate we also have communion with Christ and with each other in this season, double blessing! And today I just want to focus a little bit on the communion!

It is recorded in the book of Acts 1, 2, 17 that the infant church began a rhythm of church life which in outline is what would be called worship today. Indeed, a modern pattern for a communion service might well have the same elements. The believers gathered for the apostles’ teaching, for prayer, fellowship and the breaking of bread. The LORD’S SUPPER, 1corinthians 11:24 communion or Eucharist was the distinctive event of Christian worship. Jesus himself commanded it and there is reason to think that the church observed it as a weekly event from the outset. Originally, the commemoration of Jesus, especially his death and resurrection which the sacramental bread and wine signified, was held within the context of a larger meal, called an agape or love -feast.

As Christians one of the best ways to praise and worship our Lord and King is by breaking bread and showing love to our brothers and sisters; sharing communion just as he instructed us to! I know we all know what kind of love Jesus wants us to have and Share! We should have communion with Christ daily, no excuses really, to root that love deeper into our souls! If you can get to a house of worship, which most of us call church to do this , thats great but if you cant, then simply get some bread and juice or even red wine if you have it, pray over it, sanctify it and by faith believe that it is the bread of life and blood of Christ! Start the day off with Christ and nothing whatsoever can bring you down, however much they may try, you will always overcome, because Christ already won the war for us all!

COMMUNION IN THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH: In The video below Fr. Dave Dwyer, shares some views on how it should be done & why.

Personally I have Communion daily. I believe I walk with Christ the infant which we celebrate his birth yesterday 25th December, a symbolic celebration that Christ was born in time and space as a Man to save us and give us eternal life. I am not going to get into semantics about the exact date or season, that doesnt matter. What does is that Jesus Christ was born by word to a Virgin called Mary in the Town of Bethlehem, and I am saved today because he was born, Halleluiah! How many parents in this mordern world would give their only child to save even one other? I know that its something no parent wants to even contemplate. Yet our Lord and King did. So why not celebrate his birth whatever the date, in fact Daily is good for me, I reckon whats good for the goose and all that jazz…! Lets praise and worship Him with one spirit and soul! I do; this really puts a huge smile on my face and I want to break out in song.

So if you are in the mood to praise and worship music our new born King Who according to the Bible is also Wonderful, Counsellor, The Prince of Peace, as I am today, in this season why not click here and lets raise our voices together this festive season to welcome our Lord Jesus Christ. Whose body & Blood we reverence, in the Eucharist at communion! Lets all sing together this song “here I am to worship.” I love singing to our Jehovah whose grace knows no bounds, Halleluiah! 🙂 

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Rev Samuel F Sarpong

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