As I was praying for a word for the body of Christ for January, I saw lots of rain coming down in the spirit.  I asked the Lord what this meant. He said the rain is symbolic of My love and favour being poured out over My children at this time. Although it may seem that the enemy Is trying to get in to create doubt about your future,I am sending the rain of My love and favour over you. Bask in My goodness, bask in My love, bask in My favour. I am going out of My way to provide every good thing for My children.  I am leaving no stone unturned. I am turning the tables on depression, lack, poverty, sickness, and hurts. I am replacing that with My love, My favour, and My grace. Grace in abundance. Stand ready to receive all I have for you. I will bless you with every good thing and no good thing will I withhold from him who loves Me and is called according to My purpose.
Be ready to receive your mandates for I am instructing the angels to release the mandate over your life to you. You want to know why you are here? You ask Me what is my purpose? Position yourself to receive your purpose, for I am releasing these scrolls at this crucial time of year to deliver you and redeem you and set you on the path I have for you. Commit your ways to the Lord and your plans WILL succeed.Rev Samuel F Sarpong

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