The Father says today that My mercy endures forever. My mercy extends far beyond what you think it would in any given situation of life. You might ask “when is God going to deal that that person or that situation”. Know this, says the Father that I am extending even to those who oppose you the same mercy and the same kindness that is poured out in your own life. Follow My example. Be kind, patient and merciful even to those who would rejoice at your hurt and celebrate your downfall. Be merciful. I am never late and I will not leave you where you are. I see your distress and will act in your defense.


Some may ask “whose side are you on?” The Lord says I am on your side. I am taking your part as you yield yourself to My will and My word. I will yet bless those that bless you and will ultimately chastise those who trifle with you. Refuse then to put your mouth on your enemy. Decline from taking matters into your own hands. Listen to My voice and humble yourself in the difficulty. When you do not know who to trust – trust in Me for I will never falter and never fail to come through for you oh My beloved.
Rev Samuel F Sarpong

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