Is Rejection Haunting You? Do you feel Rejected in Any way? You Can Uproot that feeling or stronghold and Free yourself!

“And he beheld them and said, what is that is written, the stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner.” Luke 20:17


Rejection is a demonic growth in one’s life to frustrate and deny one from his helper. This is one of the greatest problems humiliating humanity. some people are suitable for some purposes but they are still rejected because of the root of rejection growing in their lives. Its mission is to ruin success; destroy blessings; interpose miracles and prevent one from experiencing signs and wonders in one’s life. Root of rejection is in the life of so many people, including some born again Christians. It makes one to make mistakes that can destroy one’s life; it manipulates one to destroy his long time labour so that one might not be rewarded for his effort in life. Until one uproots it, it will be difficult for him to get to a glorious state in life.


ADAM AND EVE: This seed of rejection has been existing since the days of Adam and Eve. After they had worked hard in the garden of Eden by naming all the things God had created and as they were about to enjoy, their root of rejection stirred up in them, and made them to sin and so they were driven away from the garden of Eden. The root of rejection prevented them from enjoying all they had laboured for(Gen. 3)


The root of rejection also stirred up in the life of Moses and prevented him from getting to the promise land. Moses, having suffered so much for the Lsraelites and worked so hard bringing them to the promise lamd and was rejected by God finally to lead his people to the land he promised them. When they were about to get to the promised land, root of rejection stirred up in the life of Moses and he was unable to enter the promised land(Numbers 20:7-13Deut. 34:1-4)


When God was about to do glorious things in the lives of the Israelites, this root of rejection stirred up in them. God’s plans for the Israelites was to lead them by a prophet as he always does. (Hosea 12:13) The root of rejection stirred up in the lives of the Israelites and it moved them to do something abominable before God. They went to Samuel and demanded for a human king instead of choosing God Almighty.( I Samuel 18:5-7). They contracted this root of rejection right from Egypt and it prevented many of them from enjoying the good things they had laboured for and what God planned for them.

SAUL: was rejected by God because there was a root of rejection growing in him. The root of rejection stirred up in him when he was about to enjoy his reward… he made a mistake that stole his kingship from him. Samuel said to him, I Samuel 15:23

“For rebellion is like the sin of divination,
    and arrogance like the evil of idolatry.
Because you have rejected the word of the Lord,
    he has rejected you as king”.


Sometime ago, the Americans decided to invite some good science students from Africa for a conference with the aim of recruiting staff for their research centre. Letters were sent to various African Universities and a brother happened to be one of the invitees because he was very brilliant in science. He was advised to attend an interview at the American Embassy for a visa. He arrived at the Embassy very early in the morning to join the queue for the interview and was the fifteenth person on the line, which was the exact number of applicants required by the embassy. A lady humbly approached this brother and pleaded with him to allow her to stand in front of him in the queue because she was late. Out of compassion, he allowed her to stand in frSPIRIT_OF Rejection Is deadlyont of him. It finally got to the turn of the lady to go in for her visa. When this lady had come out of the room, an officer in the Embassy followed her to announce that they had just received an instruction from Ambassador’s office to end the interview because they have reached the number of candidates required for the Conference. This is the work of the seed of rejection. Now, what will you call the lady who stood in front of the brother? l believe you will call her an agent of darkness or a witch. l want you to know that she is not the cause of the brother missing out that opportunity but rather, the brother had a seed of rejection in his life. This evil root can allow one to see blessing when it comes but there will be no way to have it.

Root of rejection is very deadly. Ninety-nine percent of people on earth have this seed. It has spoiled many lives, turned many to objects of ridicule, caused some people to take their lives before their time, and made many to leave their matrimonial homes when they are supposed to be blessed. l cannot forget a lady who suffered with her jobless husband for six years. All this while, she was the sole breadwinner of the family. Several attempts by her husband to secure a job had failed. One day this lady returned home from the market to tell her husband that she had enough and that she was no longer interested in the marriage. She came with another man driving a Mercedes Benz and this man helped her park her belongings into his car and they left. Six months later, her jobless husband got a job with a company as an Assistant General Manager (AGM) with two cars and two drivers. A year after his wife had left him and gone to put up with another The root of Rejectionman; she realized that man was married to three women and he turned her to a punching bag– something her former husband had never done to her. Because of this predicament, the lady decided to go back to her former husband to reconcile with him. when she went back to her formal husband, his reply was; truly you have tried for six years but failed to endure to the end, l just got married a month ago and l cannot take you back again. This woman was totally rejected from her love. Her major problem was that, the root of rejection was growing in her life. It will take warfare prayers for anyone to destroy this seed of rejection in his/her life.

Are you ready to Pray, be prayerful…that helps alot??? Contact us if you feel you do have this in you and need to stand with us in prayer against this spirit that denies many the glorious life they are destined for. Next we shall look at how to Reject it for good!

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Rev Samuel F Sarpong

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