“But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself….” Dan. 1:8

Today l want to show you to release your prayer anointing using the 3 P’s… Persistence …Passion…and Patience!

 Someone once asked Ann Landers the question, Where do you first become a good wife?” l thought the answer was interesting. She said, Betty Crocker says in the kitchen.. Dr. Ruth says in the bedroom. But the truth is;… IN THE HEART! Every good and lasting thing in your life must be anchored in your heart! when man speaks to you, he talks to your head…. when God speaks to you , He talks to your heart!

Daniel was captive in a strange land. He had been taken because he was well favoured, skilful in all wisdom, cunning in knowledge, fine to look upon without blemish. They thought they could turn him from the ways of his fathers and his God. But, they did not know his heart! Also, he had this habit of praying 3 times a day. You see, my friend, you can’t always choose your time and place to pray… But, NOTHING CAN STOPYOU FROM PRAYING!

THE FIRST P… When you pray you must become PRESISTENT! Persistency releases the prayer anointing, Persistency will melt the hardest of hearts. Persistency means if the door doesn’t pop open the first time you knock, keep on knocking! Look at the unjust judge in Luke 18:2-8. The Bible says this judge feared not God or man. But this widow came to him and said, “Avenge me of my adversary.” At first he kept saying No, But she kept coming and coming and coming. Finally he said, this lady doesn’t know the meaning of No, give her whatever she wants, she’s driving me crazy’ Her prayer was PERSISTENT! Never take no for an answer. Besides, when you ask God for something the answer is not always yes or no, sometimes it’s “Stand still and wait, the time is not right” In fact, at times the greatest answer is no answer. God may see things in your life that say now is not the time.

THE SECOND P IS PASSSION! Learn to pray with passion. Dry eyes and shallow words do not move God. Talking about passion, in Jonah 2:2, Jonah said, I cried by the reason of my affliction unto the Lord… Our of the belly of hell l cried!” Believe me; Jonah wasn’t trying to impress anyone. No, No! He was praying right out of his heart. I call the prayer of passion the “Soul Prayer” it comes from deep within your soul. David said, “It’s when the deep within you cries out to the deep within God” Jesus prayed this prayer in The Garden of Gethsemane (Luke 22:24), “He prayed so passionately that His sweat was like great drops of blood.” PASSION doesn’t say a prayer, it PRAYS A PRAYER!

The THIRD P is… PATIENCE! Once you have become persistent in making, and passionate in believing, learn to be PATIENT! Remember, the world wasn’t built in a day. God took His good old easy time. Isa. 40:31 says, … They that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. Once you ask God for something in prayer you must have patience and give God time to work it His way. His ways are not our ways

GOOD EXAMPLE: Daniel, who was known as “The Praying Prophet” prayed and asked God for a certain thing and it took 27 days for the answer to reach him. Patience is the final P that put everything together and releases your prayer anointing. I like the little chorus Aunt Hattie used to sing, GOD MAY NOT COME WHEN YOU WANT HIM, BUT HE’S RIGHT ON TIME!

Can l be a little ridiculous just for a minute? IF there was no God, no Heaven, no Hell, no Bible, PRAYER WOULD STILL BE THE GREATEST HEALING, CLEANSING THERAPY IN THE WORLD! It releases the pain and the heartache of the past and gives you that second wind to face tomorrow.

Remember, to unlock your prayers it takes…PERSISTENCE… PASSION…and PATIENCE! A prayer life is a happy life!

Rev Samuel F Sarpong


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