This is the day that the Lord has made… So tell us by commenting below your 3 best songs to praise the Lord & worship Him, or songs that touch your heart and lift your spirit. It is good praise the Lord & to share, sharing is caring Halleluiah! Every so often, break out in song and thank him who created you. Let your home be filled with music, laughter, joy, all these things have a major role to play…do you know what it is? Well I shall tell you, focusing very briefly on the book of Psalms.

praise the lord

What do we get when we Praise the Lord?

1. The devil flees…Oh yes when we praise the Lord we are embracing all things holy, divine, pure, clean and the light of the Lord rests on us, well believe you me the devil cannot stay where light resides. So for this reason alone praise the Lord morning noon and night! I want the light of the Lord to rest on me, so Yes I will praise him every blessed day. For he is good to me! Praise brings the downfall of your enemies. Psalms 91: 10-15. It brings divine honour, protection, up-liftment…who wouldn’t want all these?

2. Praise the Lord and you don’t have to fight battles in the real of the spirit. We really don’t have to because Jesus fought & won the battle for us at Calvary! And when we praise we get that veil of protection around us; listen to what is written….You’ve exalted my horn like a wild oxen, poured fresh oil over me. My eyes see the downfall of my enemies and the doom of my evil assailants. The righteous flourish and grow…! What are you waiting for….praise him!

3. Praise the Lord and his favour rests on you. David was a man who devoted his life to praising his creator, and wow the Lord smiled on him. He fought for him; he can do the same for you. take a quick tour of the word and see that those who praised him unceasingly received divine favour in miraculous ways, he will never leave you nor forsake you. For thats his promise to us. So as we praise him with pureness of heart, everything works in our favour!

4. When you praise the Lord, he gives his angels charge over you. So learn to praise in the midst of the valley i.e. stress, situations, rules, decisions against you. He comes in and changes those situations in your favour. This has been shown in Ps. 91! The world may be going crazy, but your little corner will be calm, tranquil, for we live our lives in our minds…what they project comes to manifestation! Otherwise you would find such sorrow in the Slums of the world…but guess what, even there you find people with such joy in their lives you start to see how miniscule your moans are! ( but thats a different topic). 🙂

5. Praise brings fresh oil Psalms 89:2, it establishes your faithfulness in heaven…wow! It brings youthfulness, healing, and spiritual gifts, anointing… ohhh it brings so much into our lives so let’s Praise the Lord. Psalms 113 Praise the Lord with thanksgiving and the more you thank & praise him, the more the Heavens open unto you! Praise moves the heart of God! We should learn how to move the heart of God so that when we go on our knees, he listens and answers speedily. Psalms 34:1 I will bless the Lord at all times, his praise always on my lips. Its is all about praise…. You get the gist? The book of Psalms is predominantly about praise…and its benefits, you should take time to read it and chose a psalm that speaks to you and make it your daily mantra & declaration!

6. Praise will cause Divine attraction and move the hand of God to give you what you want. Praise will manifest your dreams and He will reveal hidden things to you. Psalms 92:1 says, it is good to praise the Lord, sing his praises to your name. He declares his love in the morning and his steadfast faithfulness by night! Isaiah 61:3 Praise is a mantle that God grants. It’s a garment that he gives us instead of a faint spirit that we may be strong in the Lord and glorify him.

We were made to Praise him, with every breath we take, here is the word that says so…guess which one!

So every time you are happy, break out in a joyous song of praise. every time things seem to be all wrong, break out in a song of praise, defy the evil one and show that you are not shaken by the earthly negativity. In other words in everything…praise the Lord. And on that note I encourage you to break out in praise, sing Psalm 23 and may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ who called me, and the love of God and the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us now and forever more. Amen!

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