Are You Anointed?

What Are You anointed To Do or Be….Many Have no Idea

There are Different Types of anointing and we all have a calling

The answer to the Qn “Are You Anointed?” is a Resounding Yes šŸ™‚ the qn thus shouldn’t be whether You are anointed, rather In what way.

What is Anointing you may ask (talking about biblical anointing)? The basic meaning of the Bible word “anoint” is “to pour on, smear all over or rub into.” In the Old Testament, someone who was anointed by God for special tasks was considered anointed. Read about Abraham, David, Samuel, Solomon etc. These people were Physically anointed with “oil” which oil was sanctified by God for specific tasks.

In today’s concept, recognising The anointing is “the key to living in God’s power” it is His power/gifting in you enabling you to do something with ease, without it being a struggle. Some call it a talent, others a calling others a gift, some even call it luck…!

Its important to know that every single human being has a calling i.e. basic anointing, to do something. We are all here for a reason. But not many tap in to that basic calling, thus struggle in life abounds. Many fail to recognise what their calling in life is, what they are anointed to do with ease. When we are baptized we are called to serve the Lord and follow Christ and now we have the power to call on his name and ask for his guidance in any way esp what we are called to do. I call this the beginners or “Leper’s Anointing.” In the New Testament Jesus breathed on his disciples & said to them; receive the Holy Spirit John 20:22. This was Jesus Anointing them.

We have all been called 1John 2:20 says, “You have been anointed by [you hold a sacred appointment from] the Holy One & all you know the truth.” Verse 27 goes ahead to state that this anointing remains in us and we don’t need anyone to teach us that and that this anointing is Real… so why do many struggle then? Because we don’t seek the Lord’s guidance in what we do, we don’t ask for his WILL to be done in our lives with Feeling By faith. We oft times say the Lord’s prayer without really feeling the words “Let Your will be done…” so we miss the boat and for some sadly they never find it! I urge you all to Be self assured that Yes You are Anointed. stop asking the Qn and start to live in the knowledge that the spirit that lives within you is set to guide you to your calling; if you but seek Him & pay heed o his guidance & precepts.

Are You Anointed

We know that some people have tapped into their anointing, they have the “Ministry Anointing” and I am not talking about preachers etc etc. I am talkingĀ  about all the people out there who have discovered their calling and are doing what the Lord created them to do some at a very early age.

When we look at Men & women of God, some may wonder why some ministries do not perform as well as expected. The Qn to ask is are they obeying the Holy spirit or their Fleshly desires? The way to release and let that anointing flow in your life is simple: obedience to the Holy Spirit, best to start Today!

The Ministry Anointing

This is so very important and is needed by all in order to be effective in any area of your life. For God wants us all to grow, to reign, to have authority, power, dominion, to be more than conquerors, to prosper. If you want to grow in your christian journey, to spread the light of God via sharing the word, you may also like to seek the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and speak in tongues. Many “Speak in tongues” But not inĀ  spirit. Not every one is anointed to speak in tongues, but those that are anointed & gifted as such have a special link to the Holy spirit as when you do speak in tongues, you are filled with the spirit that Jesus Left his disciples, the Spirit of God, the spirit that casts out demons, that looses the captives, that heals the sick the spirit that has all kinds of power unimaginable to man.

Are You Anointed
The Anointing That Breaks Chains, The Holy Spirit Anointing!

Its the anointing that breaks yokes & chains. As you speak in Tongues, you are edifying yourself, while glorifying God. You’re strengthening your inner man.

Numbers 21:1-9 When you tap into the anointing and God chooses to use you. You have the power to protect others just as Moses was given the power to build a bronze serpent to save the Israelites from the bites of the fiery serpents in the desert.

We all have this kind of anointing, but many do not believe that we are chosen so we live in a state of lack, fear, desperacy, and all kinds of afflictions. John 1:12 tells us that as many as believe in him, He has given the power/right to become God’s children….( ha the crusaders will be out in arms..since we are all children of God right…) Of course we are. But there is that power, an anointing, the power to strike a blow to the enemy, to subdue spirits and all kinds of wickedness from on high, to destroy yokes, it exists in us all yes it does. But anyone who fails to know WHO they are and WHO IS IN THEM, lives a life of fear lack, delay a joyless life. When you recognise that anointing you live as a victor, nothing fazes you as you know you are God-like & Rest in Him. Psalms 92:10 demonstrates that the Lord can elevate you and when he does you can get back everything the enemy has taken because of the FRESH ANOINTING!

We must encourage our young people to guard and maintain a pure life according to God’s instructions. As they do this they discover their calling at a much earlier stage in life and therefore life a life full of the ease, grace & joy of living under the shadow of the Guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Finally briefly I shall talk about The Anointing Oil

Its not the Olive Oil, Its the Spirit of God breathed into it that delivers Miracles!

The Use of The “Anointing Oil” there is such power in this and many fail to take advantage of it. Its a mystery what that “oil” can do. What many don’t realise is once that oil is blessed by a man/woman of God, they breath the SPIRIT OF GOD into it. That oil then used properly and by faith brings GOD’S healing, brings His forgiveness James 5:14-15 clearly expounds this. Its God who does the healing & forgiveness using human hands faith and something tangible “The Oil”. Samuel Anointed David with Oil thus marking him as a King, a chosen one of God from then on, David’s life was destined for great things. do we know that no power of darkness can resist the power & authority that is loaded in the anointing oil? Discover this secret, and your life will be so much better! The Qn “Are You Anointed” wont arise no more.

David was anointed King, Twice. By Samuel & by the People of Judah

The subject of anointing is one that is very close to my heart, it is also a very deep subject. I hope I have helped someone out there understand it better, Recognize their anointing and hopefully harken to their calling. and may the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Love of God & the sweet fellowship of the Holy spirit be with us all, now and forever more. I leave you with Psalms 23:5-6 it really wraps our chat up beautifully. Be blessed this week as we enter a new Month & the last quarter of 2014.

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