What should a Prayerful Christian Expect?

What Should a Prayerful Christian Expect…You tell me!

What Should a Prayerful Christian Expect
Bold Prayer Destroys Principalities & Delivers God’s grand plan For YOU

What Do I Expect? EVERYTHING 🙂

2 Chron 26:5 infers that a Prayerful Christian sees the hand of God in their lives in miraculous ways… “As long as he sought the LORD, God gave him success.” See this is what a prayerful Christian expects. But what should we do to see this, because many don’t see beyond our fleshly desires…! 1 Cor 9:27…I put my body under subjugation, lest after prayers Iam lead to rejection! There is your answer. Haa but is this physical striking of our bodies, one may ask? Nope…It is the things we deny ourselves, the sacrifices we gladly make to help others, fasting, not focusing on our fleshly desires rather looking to God. That’s what it is.

Everybody can pray & ask God after all that’s what the good book says & its totted out by all and sundry without meditating on its depth…” Ask and you shall be given, Seek and you shall find, Knock and the door shall be opened…”
But let’s take a closer look shall we? We can & in fact all Do “ASK” …for as babies we were dependent on our parents for whatever we needed. Well guess what, we need only open our lips and our Heavenly Father delivers. After all babies are helpless & their needs are basic, food, warmth, shelter, sprinkled with lots of love n cuddles! This is what to expect at the “Basic” level of spiritual maturity.

How about “SEEK”…well we all do grow, change is certain, & as we grow in the Lord, we start to have personal expectations, desires, hopes and we SEEK God. Although many think this is “to receive from God” & it can be. Seeking is a new phase in our spiritual lives. Even as we grow from babies to infants/children growing in our parents’ homes, we ask but don’t always get what we want…even when  our parents can clearly afford what we ask, and we wonder why & feel resentful! Ooops guess what, It’s the same with God! Why, because now we have to earn what we want/desire, while continuing to get what we NEED! So Yes we now have to fulfill His Commands (which is simply Love, Love & Love); to get what we SEEK (which remember should be His Face) for he continues to deliver the basics i.e., what we ASK & in fact expect daily. Life, breath, food, shelter, warmth…at least for the vast majority of human life. So begs the question how come there are many who don’t have these basics? The answer is glaringly hidden in plain sight…HUMAN GREED and MEANNESS! But this is a completely different topic...maybe we shall take a dip at it next time!
For today lets SEEK the face of God, in fact the good book says seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven and all these things shall be added…! So let us seek him above all else, HOW? Through prayer. And as we seek Him, we get our answers in his Time!

And many of us “KNOCK”…oh boy do we knock daily, without ceasing or ever stopping to think if we are at the right stage of spiritual maturity to do this. Whether we are knocking at the right door even. KNOCKING is a totally other level, it’s for those MATURE in the faith. For those who are ready to do whatever it takes to see the Face of God. It’s usually men & women of God, vicars, pastors, priests & those with such Faith & passion for God they literally only have to Speak & what they say manifests, because they have grown in maturity & have access to God that normal Joe Blogs doesn’t have because he doesn’t have the spiritual maturity. Effective knocking is done by people who can pray for hours, people with anointing, whom God has chosen in various ways to deliver his message & to do his will here on earth, AND The Brave & Bold!

BOLDNESSHe who is holy and true and has the Key of David has already ensured that WE ALL CAN BE THE ABOVE if we but try and have the faith of a mustard seed! For it is He who opens and no one can shut & who shuts and no one can open! The Lord has set before us all an open door which no one can shut…! Do YOU Believe this? If you do, start living your life as if it’s already there because it is! Begin to be BOLD & BRAVE in everything. No challenge is allowed to bring you down for He who made you is always there by your side carrying you through it all. Why? Because he loves us so and because these challenges are wrought by the one that was cast down on earth, a liar & thief Rev 12:7-9.

We all have the power to ASK, SEEK & KNOCK and get what we want IF we believe, Be Bold, Go deeper in prayer & study the word of God. Declare the Promises of God daily in Psalms 23. Declare these promises daily on your life & that of your loved ones. Meditate on God’s grand plan for your life daily; declare scripture on every situation in your life the good the bad & the ugly & you will see doors opening in miraculous ways, the grand will manifest. This is what a prayerful Christian expects & does manifest. Psalms 42:8-9 God commands his loving kindness by day & by night his song shall be with me. Ask God why he has forgotten you, if your situation is so bad you feel depressed because depression is not from God, Never! If you want power on this earth, begin to command what you want to have in life, focus on the promises of God, Live a righteous life in prayer & meditate on his word and whatever you want will manifest.

Command grand plans, to the glory of God and bless others as you receive. Deut 28:8 His promises live on forever and ever. Pray strategic prayers, if you are doing God’s work, He can never let you down. Ask him to open some doors and you will do XYZ…in return. Hannah did this, she prayed strategically asking God for the fruit of the womb, declaring that the city needed a prophet to do God’s work & God obliged; Samuel was that child! So what should a prayerful Christian expect? Whatever they desire – to each depending on your level of spiritual maturity, what you are willing to do & above all keeping God’s commands!

Let’s continue to Love one other shall we…! And may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ & the love of God and the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all now and forever more. Thou anoint my head with oil, my cup overflows, surely goodness and mercy will follow us all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever Amen.

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Prov 28:1


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