Are You Fearful…! Deliverance…Who needs it?


The Blood of The Lamb Delivered us already, we just have to have Faith and believe! Do You Believe?
The Blood of The Lamb Delivered us already, we just have to have Faith and believe! Do You Believe?

The Body of Christ – A Temple of God:

Matthew 26:26-30 In order to eat of the flesh and drink of the blood of Christ you have to be of clean heart and spirit. You have to seek forgiveness for your transgressions and forgive those that have done you wrong. Ten you partake of the body & blood of Jesus. Because its life indeed and His blood cleanse us from all sin, pain, trials, reproaches etc.

1 Cor 3:16-17 We are the temple of God and God’s spirit lives within us. So we should get into the habit of talking to our God as He is in us. Anyone destroys the Lord’s temple they will be destroyed by God. His glory lives within us and we are the personification if how great the work of his hands! We have power to bind and to loose Matthew 16:18-19

Psalms 19:1-3 says – The heavens declare the glory of God and the skies display his handiwork.

So today we pray that the church and your life receive a transformation. I command tonight to be a tremendous night in your life. Let us hear the voice of the Lord, I don’t want to go home the same today Lord let your hand transform my life.

So we also have the power to reject and destroy any mark of “Rejection” from our lives, spirits souls! I reject that mark of rejection, that spirit of rejection by the hand of God, Holy Ghost fire and by the blood of Jesus.


Just because you are a child of God doesn’t mean you’ll get deliverance. It happens by God’s way in his own time! Your will may be desiring of it you may be desperate for it, you may pray and fast for days on end, but Bible says: in his own time, he will work it. God delivered the Israelites in his own time…after years in captivity, and the spent 40 years in the wilderness. His chosen people!

Declaration: This morning God is going to set you free from the hand of the enemy.

Fear can be a major issue from which we seek deliverance. For instance Jacob was fearful of Esau. Sometimes we need the hand of God to deliver us, when we are so afraid.

Genesis 32:11 Deliver me from the hands of my brother Esau for I am afraid of him, he may come and kill us all….A prayer by Jacob.

Sometimes the enemy is working against us so much we are at war, our lives look bleak. We think may be our past, or actions, or whatever is hindering us. But God is always with us and knows what we are doing and going through. In that situation, that’s when he comes in and proves to us that he is God & has always been there. SO WE MUST ALWAYS PRAY!

Prayer: Please Lord deliver me, loose me, rescue me, open the door that the enemy can never close, send your angels to loose me in Jesus’ name.

In the Kingdom of God there’s deliverance and the anointing of God is there to set us free from the hands of the enemy. Because God is not limited by anything. Bible says; his hand is not too short to deliver us, to break us free. All we have to do is cleave onto him and let him perform it for us, whatever it is we ask for deliverance from. Trust him completely to deliver you. He did it for the Israelites, why not you? He parted the Sea for them and destroyed the Egyptians. God always intervenes, Today he can and does too.

God lets us go thru some things in preparation for some great rewards! We have to be prepared, challenges make us stronger. God prepares us in such a way that when your deliverance comes, you’re prepared and fit for it.

Declaration: Your deliverance is here tonight and one of these days He’ll command the sea to consume our enemies! Where we see the end of us, God starts.

Moses saw the Red sea and thought it was the end. God simply Parted the sea. As Children of God, we have the power of God in our hands, the Power that He gives us to overcome the challenges and deliver us. The power he gave to Moses. God commanded Moses to stretch his hand out & the sea would part. We must train ourselves to know the voice of God and the voice of the enemy, so as not to miss our miracle. If Moses hadn’t been able or for any reason couldn’t hear the voice of God, the Israelites would have been overcome and defeated at the Red sea.

Therefore look up to God and put your hope in him always. Put your load, your burden at the feet of the Lord. Let him carry you through. Moses did and the Israelites were delivered from the hands of the Egyptians.

Your Thoughts & Words are your strength and your weakness too! Always speak words that raise you above your enemy. Never concede that you are “Low” erase that word and perish the thought from your life because you have life and God protects you. Bible says; fear not for I am with you always. Why? Because satan is a liar and fills our minds with doubt & fear. But a child of God who knows their power won’t allow fear to operate in your life. Fear not as fear can stop your glorious destiny from flourishing.  You don’t know the God You serve?

Put your trust in God not in man or things. If you know God then you are unshakable, unmovable, know his might and the power of his resurrection! Don’t entertain fear again!

Everything God has promised us shall come to pass because He is not a man that he should lie!

Deliverance comes from the Blood of the lamb. It also comes from the word of God. We have to take a deliberate decision to read it consistently to receive our Deliverance from the chains, the yoke, the burden and lies of the enemy!

1Kings 8:62 in the times of King Solomon the blood of hundreds of thousands of animals had to be shed to sanctify the new temple altar. If we look at the cost of the sacrifice, we know that in today’s parlance the majority of us would never afford that price or sacrifice to cleanse us from sin! So we should be so grateful for the blood of Jesus!  It’s the blood of the lamb today in the mercy seat of heaven that operates in our lives. Not like the blood of King Solomon’s times as demonstrated in the above scripture.

Tonight we are praying for the hand of God to operate in our lives in a super natural way, to change our story, to eject & erase any mark of rejection from our spirits and destinies, to remove any reproach. May he guide our steps, manifest our miracle, manifest our expectations & the prophesies on our lives, Raise our glorious destiny, change our story, put a fresh testimony on our lips. May his will be done in our lives. Whatever situation you are facing raise up your hands and stand in silence and quietly call onto God to manifest his hand into your life! Pray to our God the Banner, our Jehovah Sharma, Nisi, Jireh, Pray!

And May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ & the Love of God and the sweet fellowship of the Holy spirit be with us now and forever more Amen. Confess Psalms 23:5-6

I sure hope someone has been uplifted by the message and our Friday night session, may our deliverance come swiftly. If anyone has a prayer request please just send it through a comment or connect with me on Facebook: Sarpong Frempong

Rev Sarpong

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