PROPHETIC INSIGHT…are you gifted or anointed?

Excerpts of Teachings & Worship Friday Nights August 2014


A spirit released through a prophet i.e. ideas, information, advanced knowledge, revelations that have been released via a man or woman of God, age is not of consequence.

Prophets of old were “seers” like Samuel. They were kings and leaders and the ordinary people went to them for revelations and guidance.

Today everyone calls themselves prophets or prophetesses of God. There’s a wind blowing, a wind of confusion directing people the wrong way.

Moses, Amos, Hezekiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Elijah were prophets with the will of God ad following hi swill in Spirit and the way they lived their lives; and they each had a role to play and words to deliver. In some cases their prophecies needed some actions to be undertaken to Manifest. Elijah had to get rid of all the prophets of baal after showing them up in order for the rain of blessing to take away the years of dryness came. The rain he had prophesied would come.

The same is true today, some prophecies need actions to manifest. We must pray hard through our prophetic destinies to manifest, we must fast at least a few days a month, while praying hard, we must read & digest the word of God or we can pass on and the prophesy stays here! Elijah went to the mountain top and prayed hard, calling on to God, tearing his hair and clothes in the process, for the blessing of rain to come. He never stopped even though 6 times his servant went and came back saying there was no sign of a cloud in the sky. Many times we humans today, give up at the cusp of that tiny cloud of rain and walk away… We must keep on keeping on.

A prophet operates in the prophetic anointing, not in the apostolic or evangelistic anointing. These two are different. But a Prophet can be either of the above as well! We also have women prophets e.g. Miriam, Dinah, Ezekiel’s wife etc.

Philippians 4:19 ….and my God will supply all our needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus.

Once a prophetic word is released on you; you must take it and begin to work it. How? Through prayer. Elijah went to the mountain to pray 7 dimensions of prayer. He went on his knees and tore his clothes, put his head between his knees and called on the Lord. The prophetic word manifests through crucifying the flesh, by denying ourselves, by waking up to our needs and being on our knees and toes, be alert and Pray hard. Everything you want to achieve in life is possible…through prayer!

God wants his mighty men to “bark” in the night against evil so that his word may manifest in life today. As a child of God, he wants you to wake up and bark for your prophesy to manifest.

We must determine who we are otherwise the wind will determine it for us. Our Minds are very powerful instruments and can either guide us to greatness or mislead us, so can our spirits. So we must be able to determine what is of God and what’s flesh insight. Flesh insight is having a “permissive mind”. We must avoid this coz such things do not last. Kill the permissive spirit, and let the spirit of God lead you. Let God order your steps into glory.

Also your life span determines your destiny. Moses took 40 years training, unmarried. We too must train our flesh to submit to the ways of God.

Prophesies & Time:

Every prophesy has a time period. Samuel anointed David 3 times before he got his kingship from the house of Jesse.

A child of God with a prophecy must allow God to deliver in the right time with prayer, by faith. And every prophecy that God has declared and decreed shall come to pass. God will lift his children higher in Jesus’ name.

Daniel 12:1 when the time comes, the people shall be delivered. This applied then, it applies today! I prophesy that it will. When a prophecy is due nothing can stop it!

Galatians 6:9 let us not become weary of doing good for at the proper time you will reap if you do not give up.

My advice is keep your prophecy secret because your secret is your power. Let it come into manifestation then you reveal it! If you don’t reveal it, then satan won’t know about it. When we speak he is waiting to grab our blessing and turn it into confusion and mischief!

I woke up and prayed about the dream to manifest. Some anointing take you through some situations and pain before you achieve success.

Prayer Points:

  • Pray against delay of your prophesies
  • Pray that we may see our prophecies in our lives, may God work it for us. Every glorious prophesy must come to manifestation.
  • Tonight every household wickedness must come to an end in Jesus’ name.
  • Tonight we must pray that whatever has been blocked where they have put a veil, may God intervene and unblock, free our blessing.
  • Pray that whatever operates as a giant against your destiny, dreams, prophesies, God must intervene and destroy the giant in Jesus Name. Begin to pray.

Say the Grace and Confess Psalms 23:5-6

Be blessed as you read, meditate and digest the above and share if you can thank you.

We sure find Prophets and Prophets……! Which one are you?

Rev Sarpong

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