Excerpts of Teachings & Worship Friday Nights August 2014


A reproach is to find fault with a person. Anything that causes you to be discredited, causes you to be an object of scorn, brings slavery mentality, brings shame in life is a reproach.

But tonight, by the spirit of God I command the spirit of reproach to be broken in Jesus’ name.

John 11:17 The death of Lazarus and his subsequent resurrection by the hand of God. Jesus called on to his Father in heaven to perform the miracle.

Joshua 5:9 And the Lord said to Joshua, this day have I rolled away the reproach of Egypt off of you and from then the place was called Gilgal.

This day, marks the day that every reproach against CGH church, your lives, the city of Liverpool, your families may the reproach whatever it may be, be rolled away by the hand of God in Jesus’ name.

Did you know that Every anointing goes through reproach? Just like Joshua was going through. And every reproach has an expiry date and today your reproach is destroyed. Its expiry date has arrived in the mighty name of Jesus. Every reproach against: your dignity, spiritual life, finances, marriage, family, health, your progress, your promotion; today it must be gone in Jesus’ name.

Psalms 89:50 Remember, Lord, how your servant has been mocked,
how I bear in my heart the taunts of all the nations

The Lord our God remembers all the hurts and pain we go through, the taunts the disgrace the shame. Today your reproach is come to an end, the enemy is defeated by faith in Jesus’ name.

Society will locate you, your vision will come to light, your destiny must shine.

You may weep for days, weeks, months, even years, but one day, one day God opens the door and whatever object of your weeping becomes your reproach and God has removed it so that must be destroyed.

God remembered Rachel’s reproach, her shame and blessed her womb Genesis 30:22 He took note of Rachel and enabled her to get pregnant.

Gen 17:14-17 God’s blessing on Abraham and Sarah. God even changed their names from Abram & Sarai to Abraham & Sarah! He took note of Sarah’s reproach and enabled her to have a son very late in life. God took away their reproach, and removed their old names and renamed them thereby opening his throne room to their lives for generations to come. We are children of Abraham and we too must pray and cry out to our God tonight to remove our reproach and dress us with blessings in Jesus’ name.

We must pray hard for deliverance from whatever the reproach in our lives is. Today we break free.

The Grace & Confession of Psalms 23:5-6

Be Blessed as you read and share this word…and I definitely believe we all need deliverance of some kind don’t you…?

Rev Sarpong


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