Ignorance is no Defence…and that’s true of faith! The ignorant in faith face a life filled with fear doubt, affliction, non achievement, lack of direction…

If you have the truth you will make it life, run faster, nothing can cross you or push you back and you will go against them. May God grant us the power to seek the truth and know him and defeat ignorance.

Paul spent time to learnt and share the truth, he was able to run his race and enjoy life, to be even more successful. We know Paul today because he was set loose from ignorance and he grew, and enjoyed life and spread the word of God as we know it today. His ignorance had lead him to persecute Christians before.

Ignorance can get you deceived and lose the spirit of God. Man can dupe you and mislead you. Jesus said I will not leave you alone, I will leave you the comforter. The Holy Spirit….He protects us from ignorance and keeps us on the path of the truth. He will protect you from those who mag lure you into the wrong path.

Even then, the God of Restoration is our God and the only one who can restore you.
Psalm 34: 19 -22 many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all. So God can and does deliver us from ALL afflictions when we recognise that we are children of the most high. He delivers and restores us. The moment you say you will serve, honour and live for god, the deceiver targets you. But the almighty says he will deliver you from them all…verse 21 states that Jehovah will slay the wicked…whoever is trying to put impediment on your life, business, etc who doesn’t want you to enjoy life who is he? God will deal with them, He will redeem you and you shall not be condemned! Wow….so who can condemn you if God won’t do it! Men of God are trained not to condemn anyone, because their job is to save souls for Christ…The evil one doesn’t want anyone to shine, it’s never God’s will to bring you down. You may be down yesterday or today, Hod the restorer will put you together. If only you will call on him. Lord Jehovah I need you, your finger, your grace ….he is the God of impossibilities. Men will say that’s impossible, God laughs and delivers the impossible.

God is in control


Psalm 35:17 oh Lord how long will you look on, rescue me from the lions and I will give you thanks on the grt assembly. Among throngs of people  I will honour you. Bad people have told lies about me, they have devised deceitful words against them that are quiet in the land…this is a plea for Jehovah to save a righteous man from the his enemies, people used by the enemy to tell lies about others.
You see good people channel good, save others teach others, guide others to the right path… God always delivers his people from the enemy.

Make your prayer your bazooka against your enemy, it doesn’t matter where they are, prayer will project through and destroy them by the power of God. So people of God let prayer be your garment, your weapon, your veil of protection. Prayer is more than Any ammunition created by man! Also remember if you dig a hole you might fall into it. Think before you do any thing evil against anybody. The evil that men do comes back to them.

When I think About it all I believe Praise & worship cleanses my soul Below is my song of choice today! 

Psalm 135:5-21 for I know that Jehovah is great, and that He is above all gods….bless the Lord all that know and fear him, praise Jehovah.


Today pray that you be restored to climb higher to be blessed by God, we need to experience his blessings as descendants of Abraham we must be restored to our blessing. Society can be restored through one person, let it be you. God always picks one person, he can use you to   church, community of nation.

Isaiah 33:1-17 woe to you oh destroyer, traitor, you shall be betrayed and destroyed….may they be consumed by the Holy Ghost fire.

Genesis 1:27-god created us I. His own image male and female. And he blessed us to be fruitful and multiply, replenish the earth and subdue it. He blessed man with every fruit yielding seed. God cannot renege in his covenant. We have the power and authority to pro create with God to rule and rein to live a good life. But if we don’t know our power and don’t invite him we can’t possess our possessions. So we must pray that the Lord restores us to increase, so we can subdue the land and enjoy the abundant fruit yielding seed. To rule and rein on earth and enjoy the good of this land. It’s our God given right to be happy, healthy abundant, prosperous and wealthy in Every way.

Psalm 8:2-9 God gave us power, he gave us power from our lips the power to have dominion. For he made us a little lower that Himself and crowned us with glory and honor. He put all things under our feet. How excellent is thy name oh Lord. Psalm 7:6-17

I leave you with the grace of our Lord and the love of Hod and sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all now and forever more. Thou anoint my head with oil my cup runneth over, surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of Jehovah forever and ever. Amen

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As Always

Rev Samuel F Sarpong

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