Many a time someone may do or say something that annoys, or worse still angers me so much. We are all human and have all kinds of things that trigger these negative emotions. The Question is how do you control that anger so as to avoid it leading you into sin? See many a sin or act of crime has been committed in a moment of anger or extreme annoyance. How do we deal with these emotions and stay righteous inn the eyes of our Lord and God? Well in this post I try to delve into this quiestion so walk with me, Read on…

Anger, Control it
Dont Pull Ya Hair out, Take it to the LORD in Prayer

The first part of Ephesians 4:2-6

Don’t sin by letting anger gain control over you. Do not let the sun go down on you while you are still angry“.

I feel comfortable in saying, they are easy enough; most of us can accomplish this without any difficulty…right! Check this out though, you are a young girl and your sister borrows your best outfit and brings it back dirty with a tear and refuses to admit they did…! Your anger explodes without rein. You yell at them, insult them and call them names. Saying hurtful things to your sister who looks up to you by the way. Cursing…many of us do this. Some even do it when happy wow!

Another scenario; It happens without warning. Someone crosses or undercuts you on the highway and careless words are hurled into the air after them, never to be retrieved. Do you realise you have just sent negative energy to the other driver that could bring something awful to their lives. And you will never know! You also possibly ruined your day, the anger hovers over you like a bad smell, ruining an otherwise beautiful day. Your reactions to other people who weren’t involved in the highway incident will almost certainly be on the sharp side too…The knock on effect is a wave….! How about learning to rein that anger. The above scripture says it so well! In fact check out this hymn on Anger and God’s love HERE or in Video Below:

You see the above verse in ephesians seems at first a contradiction. It clearly grants us the right to be angry. There is not even a preceding disclaimer, like “if you absolutely have to get angry, then okay; be angry” Just a simple way to further validate the experience of anger, assuring that there will be times of anger, but telling us not to sin during that period…so watch your words and actions post anger episode will you!


God gives us permission to be angry. He knows and understands man’s inborn capacity for anger. It is an emotion, He too is familiar with (God’s anger against Moses, despite serving him for years, He didnt get to the promised land) There are many examples of God’s anger in he bible we could sit here all day as we go through them. Suffice to say, God knows anger! BUT He doesnt condone it! Even though it is recognized in a frustrated cry of the smallest infant, as well as the parents who grieve over the lost life of a child and the silent tremor of a grieving grandparent. Anger is as valid as any human emotion; like joy, sorrow, faith, and fear itcomes from our inner spirit. God tells us, be angry but DONT SIN because of that anger, because it is okay to be upset. Even God gets angry as a matter of fact, quite frequently. He was repeatedly¬† as said before, angry with His chosen people.

The Old Testment records several hundred references of his anger with Israel and other nations. When an emotion is suppressed because it is not validated, it will eventually be expressed inappropriately. Conversely, if an emotion is expressed without restraint then sin will follow upon its heels. God himself validates human anger.

Yet most of us do not even understand anger. Is it by throwing things, yeling and screaming at our loved ones? Is it by holding a grudge over treacherous treatment? No these are examples of inappropriate expressions of anger. There is a fine line between anger and sin. The American Heritage Dictionary defines anger as:

strong usually temporary displeasure without specifying manner of expressions“.

Moses Was Angry  when He saw the Betrayal of The Israelites!
Moses Was Angry when He saw the Betrayal of The Israelites!

It is normal to feel intense or strong displeasure over an event or at someone’s actions. Displeasure encompasses disapproval, dislike and annoyance. This definition of anger does not provide a specific outlet or manner for the expression of anger. I believe this is because there are varied appropriate responses which may vary according to individual factors, such as age, personality and position. Much more is expected of an adult in public than of a toddler, the expectation is greater on those in authority or leadership. Those in authority shouldn’t use their positions to vent their emotions or further their agenders. It is important for them to distance themselves from any personal offence in order to become conscious of how it might affect them. Be conscious of how your anger and annoyance may affect ohers around you. Step into their shoes for a moment….count to 10 before you say/do anything…Walk away and go to a quiet place and calm down. Drink a sip of water if you can and hold it in your cant speak if your mouth is full…:) In other words. Hold Your Tongue and Calm down! Life is too short to hold negative emotions! Smile….!


Let’s look again at the definition of anger; strong, usually, temporary displeasure without specifying manner of expression. It encompasses the word temporary, which means momentary, passing, short-lived, or passing quickly. Therefore, anger by definition should be brief and transitory, not drawn out and dangerous. Too frequently we live in a constant state of flare-up¬†punctuated by brief interludes of happiness. God models the healthy type of anger for us.

For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime.”(Psalm 30:5) weeping may go all night but joy comes with the morning.

I am leaving you with that scripture and thought until next time, Keep anger short and Temp. Be blessed if you have found upliftment in his article, please do like, share & Comment below. May the grace of the lord be with us all and the love of God & the fellowship of the Holy spirit now & forever more AMEN.

You Are Blessed. Yes YOU!

Rev Samuel F Sarpong

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