Through Christ The World Might Be Saved – HOPE

And The word Was fulfilled That Through Him The Risen Christ the World Might Be Saved, This is the Hope we Have!

Do This In memory of Me, Jesus Gave us Hope in The Last Supper!

When we gather on Easter Sunday lets put aside all the Easter bunnies, eggs, chicklets, chocolate etc etc and think deeply of the meaning of this statement…that through Christ the world might be saved…This Is HOPE! Can you imagine such Love? Can you imagine such Obedience…? In the world today, you ask a child to wipe away their mess or even wash their own plate and there is mayhem, stomping of feet, complaining to high heaven and literally threats of reporting to police for mistreating them and daring to teach them basic courtesies…! How about asking that same child to take the load for the brother/sister, let alone DIE for them…! Are you joking me…not even on the agenda! So…let meask you again PLEASE as we journey through the Lord’s Supper, The passion and crucifiction , the death of our Lord Jesus Christ! Lets think of the love God has for man-kind he literally sacrificed His only son Jesus Christ so that the world Might Be Saved…John 3:16. Listen, in Him we have Redemption…read it here ==> Ephesians 1:7! Even typing these words fills me with Amazement, Awe, such humility…What do they do for you?

You see The passion of Christ was decided by God way back in the Abraham days when he was about to kill his own son Isaac! It was the Father’s will and resulted in a life whose purpose was the cross John 12:27…The Ultimate sacrificial Lamb, to give us back Hope, Authority, Dominion, Boldness, Confidence in life Eternal…Wow!

So when we gather, we gather as a people of hope in something more than we can see, hear or touch. We have hope in eternal life. The scriptures offer to us this hope and Jesus’ words at the Last Supper wrap it all up for us…Eat this bread and Drink this wine in memory and commemoration of me…! Can we do that? Do you take the body and blood of Christ in a rush, a custom, lack of care and no attention to the Passion and Love that it took Jesus to say these words!

But its through our celebration of the Life of Christ and the Passion he went through as Christians in all walks of life that we place our trust and hope in The Risen Christ! Jesus also showed his humility by wshing his desciples’ feet at the last supper…can you humble yourself to do something for someone even if you have authority over them? Most of us simply cannot, pride comes into play…and many otehr unsavory emotions! Lets Be like Christ afterall we claim to be Christians…the emphasis is on the word CHRISTians

Hope in Humility
There is Hope in Humility, We are Elevated in Humility!

Yet so many in this world we live in have lost that hope, they believe in what they hear, touch or see ” Idolatry.” Some believe in the human celebrities! So many have lost faith in God, as they want to see tangible proof of His love and work in our lives. God gives us something we all need in abundance…He gives us HOPE!

We have Hope in a new day, every day. Hope that we will be healed, hope that our prayers and petitions are heard and receive divine answers, hope that we and our loved ones will be in Heaven, Paradis. Hope that we will get that job, child, marriage, food, shelter, warmth, whatever we need or wish for. Jesus gives us HOPE! Hold on to that hope, cleeve on to Him, Look up to Jesus, Lift your voice up in praise and worship, for He has done a wondrous thing in your life…You are about to ask me what thing is that…! Well You woke up alive didnt you…think about that! Another day to plan, play, sing, laugh, love, work, hope…and even complain about it all…!

Remember the Cross, as you Go about your Days And Be Love!
Remember the Cross, as you Go about your Days And Be Love!

So through Christ human kind has Hope and with hope there is always a way! As we come to the end of our Lenten journey this Passion week, we are once more invited to walk with Jesus through His Passion. We are invited always, but specially we are invited Today to walk with Christ in HOPE overflowing in our hearts. For he came to SAVE US, you and I, The whole world from dying in eternal death to hope in Eternal Life. Let us take the time to walk with Jesus. To stay awake with him.

I can assure you I see, hear, touch Hope every time I encounter Jesus in prayer, in Church and in each and every life I have the privilege to impact!

This Sunday we shall be Singing Hosanna to the Risen King. Sing it with such Joy from deep within you. For you indeed have hope as a Christian. I tell you now, Easter Sunday is meaningless UNLESS those of us who claim to be Jesus Followers and friends are ready also to be with Him. To share the Pain of Good Friday! We can sing and praise as much as we like, we can dance and enjoy easter eggs and chocolate, we can dress up and meet up with friends. But if we are not ready to meet him at the foot of the cross, as it dawns on us that He died for US….. What faith are we professing!



Jesus Love gives us Hope

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Rev Samuel F Sarpong

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