What is a Divine Encounter….Haa I am going to try and break that down in this short post. Divine Encounters are the ultimate human experience. Yes every time you experience something super amazing in your life something so wondrous it is almost beyond human understanding, you have had a divine encounter. Whether you recognise it & align your life for the following blessing depends on your spiritual maturity. – Think Moses’ and his encounter or experience on Mt Sinai. Think Abraham’s promise, think Jonah & his 3 days in a whale’s stomach…(oh yes sometimes it may not be such a great physical experience, but it always precedes great things happening in your life.

Divine Encounters
Jacob’s Divine Encounter changed his whole destiny to Greatness, a whole Nation – “Israel”

Genesis 32:22-30 tells us about Jacob’s encounter with an angel of God and he prevailed!!! Now that is amazing. Can any of us imagine having an altercation with a divine being, and fight for hours and we literally prevail…! Wow. Well on that day Jacob’s name was changed to “Israel” the chosen people. For he saw the face of God and was delivered.
God turns around any situation. Don’t you know that some names alone can convict their owners! But God can turn such a situation around & give you a new name, do a new thing in your life. For he releases his angel to wrestle with the situation. The God we serve turns things round and changes our destiny. He did it for Jacob and gave him a new name. He will do it for you. For he is the same God yesterday, today & tomorrow.

We all deserve to live a great life, to enjoy the good of this land as God per-destined for us. From Genesis to Revelations men & women that encountered God had their destinies turned round for the great things. It can happen to anyone if we lift our hearts up to the Lord. Be that person that has a Divine encounter with God. Only a Divine Encounter can get you to “cross that red sea” in your life. You can serve God for years but if you don’t get that encounter, your life could stay the same, no real progress… 🙁 and you may wonder whether its all worth it…! Yes it Is. Seek His Face, fear Him & nothing else. Go deeper in prayer, put on the full armour of God Ephesians 6:11 and You will have that Divine Encounter.

Blessings come from such an encounter and life gets easier in ways we can’t fathom. Jacob’s Divine Encounter lead him to meet his brother Esau with a bold heart, ready to accept his judgement for having become the supplanter of Esau’s inheritance. But because of the blessing, Esau forgave and embraced his brother and they reconciled.

Divine encounters move you where men cannot take you. A Divine encounter propels you way ahead. It looses you and breaks you free. It breaks yokes and chains. Divine encounters may look to man like madness, unrealistic e.g. Sarah was in her 70s she didn’t believe she could conceive let alone bear a child. Yes when God says YES nothing spiritual or fleshly can stop His plan in your life. So Come out of your carnal life and move in the spirit and you will encounter God.

A divine encounter is for everyone who really wants it. For those who seek Him and want to know God. Deliberately, persistently pushing hard in prayer & actions to meet him. God never hides from them that seek him.
Acts 12:7-11 Peter had an encounter with an angel of God who saved him from prison and Herod’s evil plan to kill him. Peter had a Divine encounter with God, his chains were broken. he was saved from physical jail. Even he thought he was dreaming. Many of us go through spiritual deliverance in our sleep and we think we were dreaming and take no note of our blessing! We must be alert to our encounters. It was an encounter with God that empowered Moses to face the Pharaoh to release God’s people.

So How Do we also get our Divine Encounter?

Thessalonians 5:15-18 says it best. We must trouble God day & night, praying without ceasing. Read the word of God & apply it to our lives, Follow his precepts. Let God know you need him urgently and he will move and reveal himself to you. You will receive your Divine encounter. When he touches you, he makes you whole, sorrows disappear, afflictions go away, you gain confidence, stand taller, bolder, filled with fire. You are invincible in spirit. Your posture changes and your life shows these changes in various ways too. You are a new being. God makes you whole. It’s a wonderful place to be at. Seek his face people, seek his touch seek a Divine encounter with God. I believe this is what we have to do:

1. Do Not open the door to the enemy, keep you mind closed to the enemy, guard your thoughts as its the door way to the enemy’s lies and convictions. Think righteous, good, uplifting, gracious, loving thoughts & your life will follow suit.

2. Be unmovable mentally. Learn to say NO or YES at the right time. If its not of God and your spirit says No, then you must say NO as your yes could be used to break your covenant relationship with God.

3. Be prepared mentally and spiritually to face battle. Put on the full armour of God so that you are fully charged to overcome and conquer as you are meant to. Deal with whatever spirit is holding you back with authority. Those lies, yokes etc. from the enemy are not your portion. Be righteous.

4. Move away from bad company as that could destroy your seed, dilute your spirit and bring you down ultimately as you get further away from the Holy Spirit.

5. Be ready to know God, be prepared.

6. Always give thanks to God. Reverence him, praise and worship him, break out in song in everything every situation praise his name. God will come closer to you even as you do all the above & your divine encounter will manifest. As you praise the Lord he releases his blessings on you, he smiles on you, because God cannot worship or praise himself, that’s why he created us.

Psalm 118 read it for sure, sing it, speak this Psalm into your life. God’s steadfast love endures forever. With God nothing can bring you down as God’s fire quenches all thirst. He is your defense and salvation. The stone that the builders rejected becomes the cornerstone. No how amazing is that!

May You be blessed  to seek and recognise your Divine Encounter as you enter the new week. And may His Grace follow you always.

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