Exercise your Spiritual Fitness and Get Closer to God.

Exercise your Spiritual Fitness and Get Closer to God.


Oh Yes just like body fitness and healthy exercise, spiritual fitness must be consistently exercised to maintain faith and closeness to God! Many of us take special time out to keep fit, exercise, buy, prepare and eat the right foods! Question is Do we take that same amount of time and effort to maintain our spiritual fitness? I see some really fit men and women about town, and I wonder whether they also make time for God as they do for their bodies…bodies that do waste away and return to dust…The Spirit that lives on….! I know which I would rather spend the most time on, yet to each their own!


Take time to pray, meditate on the word and get spiritual fitness. A child of God has to be psychologically fit too to face battles and challenges that will come your way. Be strong. God said to Joshua, be strong, encourage yourself. Don’t let small things torment you. Make decisions and be focused. Some things don’t need you to pay a consultant to resolve. Jesus, the Holy Spirit is your consultant child of God.

Study the life of Joshua. God put an anointing on him. And he became super human. When this happens to anyone they change. They must apply what that mantle has been put on them for. Moses stammered yet God trained him and used him to do signs and wonders in front of his enemies and the Israelites. It took Moses 40yrs to get to that anointing. Yet Christians today want everything in a second. We don’t wait to grow and break barriers. We don’t wait for our breakthrough…We neglect our spiritual fitness for fleshly things, things that rot and waste away!

How to exercise Your Spirit and Get Spiritual Fitness!

We must ask God to guide us, give us the limits and resources to get there. We must inquire of the Lord. Put on the full armour. Study the word, pray and fast. Be consistent in our prayer life including special times set aside to simply minister to God…and seek him. And as you pray God will give you guidance, revelations, directions on how, to get about your days and defeat the enemy.
If someone calls during prayer time, ignore it. It’s time for God. Focus and the full armour of God will show you what your tomorrow holds. You will have visions, dreams, and discover how the enemy has been derailing you from God’s promises for your life. I do get visions, I dream vivid dreams…I know God is speaking to me! Yet I also know that my flesh can let me down, you too. Sometimes friends are used e.g. you could be fasting and a friend offers a something they know you love or to go for a meal…and you take it… see that friend has been spiritually used to derail your fitness program via fasting! To strip you of your armour…

Our struggles are against the rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness from high places. i.e. principalities. And as Christians we are armed…yet we don’t know our strengths! Ephesians 6:12-18

Weapons and resources to Keep Spiritual Fitness and defeat the enemy!

So some of our weapons are the word of God, fasting and prayer. Things we look at as ordinary can sometimes be works of principalities.

There is no power or spirit stronger than the power of God and he can train and strengthen you against those powers. He did it for Elijah, David, Samson, Jonah etc. He is the same God today he can do it for you. He has hidden you in his secret place where the enemy cannot smell you, if you put yourself in his trust Job shares with us God’s Glorious Power in Job 28:10-20.
These verses expressed the power, beauty and wisdom of God that’s Unmatched by any earthly gems, beauty, jewellery etc. God established these things. The fear of the Lord is what we must aspire to, for the spirit protects us from the spirits of darkness. For us to become spiritually fit. See how powerful God is!

PRAYER: When you pray in a group you receive corporate anointing, which is way stronger than individual anointing. So don’t joke with group worship in a house of God or in any group settings. See Ephesians 6: 12-18 above!

Pray that you become a naked electric wire for the enemy. They can’t touch you and not get hurt. That you become too dangerous for the enemy. Anyone who tries to attack you is scattered. This will allow you to grow and move from constant deliverance, to praise and worship the rest of your life. Pray that you are protected by God’s grace always, clothed with the full armour of God. Be empowered to your promises from God all year round. You must achieve it. Let the Lord guide you to his plans for your life.

We serve God to gain and this happens every time you get closer to him; for he too will draw closer to you.

Break the barriers vs the promises. Those things that stop you, that restrict you and make you unfit. Do something to get to the promises, get spiritual fitness. For instance you must break:

Doubt of God’s promises- Unbelief. This doubt is in your subconscious. It’s a lie and can play tricks on you. It’s the unhealthy food we must break. Break doubt and you will expand. Don’t make any decisions in a state of doubt or anxiety. Rest your mind before you make any decisions. Be calm.

And Below is an Excerpt Of The Word share from APOSTLE ALEX
If You Focus on the Word of God, Use it as a declaration, Use it as a weapon, use it daily, speak it on your life…something tangible will happen in your life. I have a prophetic word from Isaiah 43:12-18 And 1Kings 18:36 -39 People of God read these scriptures!
GOD'S PROMISESGod answers he answered Elijah by fire, instantly. Elijah knew how to pray… He called on the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He started by worship reminding God of his promises to Abraham! There is power in worship. The God who makes his children laugh, who never disappoints. Who blesses His people, the God who makes a man a nation…! We must learn to call on this God. He is our God. Jacob was a struggler, but he was of Abraham and God changed his name to Israel, a nation 🙂

Look at the leper who fell at Jesus feet…he worshiped and his affliction ended that day. If you worship Jesus with all that you are, you will succeed. When we worship Jesus…something happens. The principalities are disgraced and run away, they will have no space in your life. Worship and see his presence come into play. Ask God to answer you that the people may know that He is your God. And the fire of the Lord will come and consume the enemy. When we call on God with fervor and he doesn’t answer then it’s a shame, we must check our lives…We cant fornicate and then go to God and ask without first asking for forgiveness! God of impossibilities is at work if only you believe he will deliver you from all your troubles. And others will have no choice but to worship God because of you. They will celebrate your God they will share your story.

Ephesians 6:16-19  these are your weapons. The strongest being the word of God, the blood of Jesus and our testimony-Continued Prayer faith, Holy Spirit, the angels of war, prayer, thanks giving, praise and worship all are powerful weapons. And they overcame him by the above…These are the tools we must use to exercise and build our Spiritual fitness!
Hebrews 2:9-10 living in righteousness and hating  sin or wickedness, puts one above the devil and God will fight for you. This is number one step to spiritual fitness. So the way we live our lives is key. There is a reward in righteous living. Gen 4:15 whoever kills Cain, vengeance will be set upon him 7 fold. God put a mark on Cain so nobody could kill him. There is a mark on you child of God. Walk in confidence that you have that mark. And may spiritual Fitness and God’s Power work throught out your life in Jesus Name. Pray with all prayer and supplication. Pray with the WORD OF GOD and Ask God to Perform on His Word!

Before I Go I wanted to share with you this calming Music, which is considered Spiritual Fitness Music!

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God richly bless you

Rev Samuel F Sarpong

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