The Amazing Grace


In our Bible study today Lets look at the most common understanding of the word “Grace” is God’s unmerited favour; His very presence and hand in our lives. In other words even though we are sinners, deserving of judgement, God looks upon us in love and forgives us. That is why it is such amazing grace! I mean how many times do you simply smile and say “I forgive you” to someone who annoys you and consistently does it…and mean it! I know I don’t have that grace and its something I pray about always! In fact thats why the Amazing Grace Lyrics are such sweet music to many’s ears! For it is by His will and grace that we surely manage to get along with our neighbour …at least for many! Its also the same grace that many ignore and push aside and go ahead to commit all kinds of atrocities! And Yet even such people we are told in the bible, will find favour in God’s eyes if they sincerely & deeply repent of their digressions and turn to Him! Grace also means God’s enabling power 2 Thessalonians 2:16,17. Not only is God’s grace amazing, that it makes us accepted into His family,  it also provides the power we need to live the Christian life, a life of obedience and love! I would urge You to Read the following two scriptures  which indicate the two aspects of God’s amazing grace in every believer and they are:

GOD’S ENABLING POWER (Ephesian 1:4-6)

In reading them and meditating on them you too will understand the very awesomeness of the grace of God.  Think of the moments when you have encountered such goodness, not forgetting the gift of life that we take for granted every blessed day!  I know I do often times take it for granted that I am alive and the remember that its only by His grace!  In salvation, not only is God’s unmerited favour expressed but also God’s enabling power; for it is only by his power that we can be transformed ( 2 Corinthians 5:17) This principle of grace continues throughout our walk with God. In every area of our Christian lives, it is God’s grace that causes us to grow and be strong in most things and events that happen in and around us. Things that would and do take people into places spiritually, physically, emotionally, losses; accidents, illnesses, attacks, poverty, lack, things that aren’t pretty to see or even imagine, things that make people doubt the very presence of God, we have seen and gone through things in our lives or others we know or on media! It is amazing how by faith you can get through such trials, challenges and tests with grace, when you do believe in and have God’s grace!


This operating force of grace is revealed in the lives of men and women throughout the whole Bible. even if one weer to read the bible as a has such amazing stories of heroism and grace its amazing in its detail in some parts and seeming lack of it in others. BUT One thing is for sure it lays bare God’s love and grace for his people Israel and His promises to us as descendants of Abraham! Every hero of faith began his walk with God aware of his own weakness and inability . It was only through them allowing God’s grace; his enabling power to work in their lives that they were able to become the kind of people that God wanted them to be, and to fulfill the plans and purposes God had for their lives, e.g. Moses Exodus 3:11-13 4:1-13 Gideon Judges 6:1-24

The Grace of God
Only By The Amazing Grace of God did Paul Turn from persecutor to Apostle & persecuted

Acts 15:40 Paul’s description of his experience in 2 Corinthians 11:22-23


In our relationship with God as we walk with him every day- we constantly meet situations that may try to overwhelm us; our response to God is to trust his Word and through obedience. God’s response to our faith is his enabling power, which causes us to triumph in every situation.

We will look a little deeper into the grace of God and his amazing love and mercy. I would just leave you to ponder just how great it is when you look at the Book of Psalms and the wonders he did for his servant David. That’s why I always share the Grace, Ans may the grace of our lord Jesus Christ and The Love of God and the Sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit Be with us now and forevermore. Amen.

I don’t know about you, but I know I feel his grace, so if you do please drop a comment below and share this message forward, come lets share more of this amazing grace in our Online Community. God bless you as you do.

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