Continued Prayer….

Continued Prayer- It is A Must…even when you simply think it!

Now that we established that you need a routine, a time set aside to simply commune & fellowship with God. What else can You do?

I will tell you 3 things!

These 3 things will help you in your quest for Continued fellowship with God, get you closer to God & to a state of well being in life, what I am sharing is what I do. Continued Prayer…Its easy to forget and to make time with God something that is hard, life happens, too many other “more interesting or more demanding ” things to do…in other words Life takes over. Today knowledge is replacing prayer & the will of God in people’s lives! Isaiah did prophesy about this i.e. that there will come a time when knowledge will be so paramount as to cause sin amongst men. As Christians we mustn’t be ignorant of the fact that “All knowledge & existence comes from God.” Rev 7:10 says …salvation belongs to our God, seated at the throne and to the Lamb. How do we get salvation? By continued prayer, reading the word of God Communion with God, consistently, Do Not Let Up. The only thing that can change our lives is Continued Prayer & time with God who changes everything, the one who says “Seek ye First the Kingdom…and all else shall be added unto you! so what are the three things?

1. Fasting…

FastingThis can be for a full 12 hrs a Day, 6 hours a day, Daniel Fast, Esther Fast whatever you choose ( we shall talk about the differences soon) as long as its aimed at being in a state of grace, denying your flesh in order to achieve a certain state of well being with the Lord our God in your life. while Fasting Make sure you pray At least 3 times during the hours of fasting. State your case to The Lord & Praise and worship him like never before. Its the whole aim of fasting otherwise you could be merely starving your self & generating infirmities…not cool! And In this state of fasting you must do the next thing I suggest below!

2. Read The Word of God aka The Bible…

Love_Learn_ServeDo you know that the word of God is Life? Its the one thing that uplifts us when we are down, there is a word of advice, caution, love, direction, guidance education you name it in the Bible….and if we condition ourselves to have even at least 30 minutes of focused time studying, digesting, the word (There are numerous devotionals online for daily guidance). Our days would be so much better. There is no better time for me than when I am reading the word, I consider this time so well spent, its unquestionably a Part of my daily routine, I cannot do without!I so recommend it for every focused Christian.

3. Communion & the Blood of Jesus…

CommunionAhaa, many think taking communion & drinking the blood must only  be done in “Church” or house of God…! Lets just imagine the scenario when Jesus told his Disciples to always Break bread & Drink of the cup, daily in remembrance if him…! Is that picture firmly in your mind…Good! I sure hope you don’t think Jesus did this in the synagogue (The Jewish place of worship)! Jesus was in a more relaxed setting, a home, having dinner with those closest to him, (it appears they usually had some bread & wine)! Ohh my the drink brigade could come out in arms about this  BUT remember we are talking about THE BLOOD of Jesus personified in sanctified wine! Jesus advised us all his followers to eat his body (break bread) & drink his blood (represented by wine) DAILY. That’s what I am talking about. There is Power in the Blood of Jesus… This is a topic in itself!

Doing these 3 things daily apart from fasting which could be done once every moth for 3-7 days! Do these and your life will be shielded from all kinds of strife. And even if you do face some strife or challenges, the grace of God will be with you taking you through them and making you stronger! As you do these things your Spirit receives strength from God, and here is the fun bit in my opinion, as you do these things…You are banking a huge amount of wonderful material for your Heavenly home! I leave you with this Beautiful prayer of Blessing Beauty, Peace & Praise Psalms 45:1-2

And may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ & the Love of God & the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all now and forever more, Thou anoint my head with oil my cup runneth over, surely goodness & mercy will follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of My Abba Father forever & ever Amen Psalms 23:6

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