Unbelief is of course the opposite of faith. Faith is the conviction of truth contained in the word of God founded on the testimony of the Holy Ghost (This is specific to Christian Faith). This faith may have reference to either the doctrines or to the promises of the word of God. To the latter, it may refer either to the promises or to our interest in them. It is essentially a Holy exercise. It supposes holiness, and it is itself Holy.
The opposite of belief, is (either as found in the renewed) a weakness of faith. It may have reference to the truths or to the promises of God. It is unholy. It is the fact in Christian experience that the believer has to contend with the unbeliever. He is often troubled with doubts, as to the truth of God’s word, or of some of the doctrines, or of his interest in the promises.


In general it is an introduction of evil in one’s heart, the lack of knowledge, or The company we keep! In the unrenowned an evil heart precludes faith, and as the Christian is imperfectly sanctified, the evil of his heart produces unbelief. If perfectly holy, we should have no doubts. This should be impressed upon us that we may feel our guilt, and not cherish doubts as a manifestation of humility. The reason why holiness preludes doubt, or tends to is;
The evidence of the truth is abundant, and they contain spiritual understanding. our apprehensions would be cleared and our convictions strong and constant. This is the general source, the more specific cause of doubt is;

Looking for, demanding, and relying on wrong kinds of evidence. Those who look for or demand “wisdom” i.e proof addressed to the reason, instead of testimony, will always be in doubt. Some men do this from undue regard to their own ability. They lean on their own understanding, grappling with authors and arguments that are too strong for them.


With regard to the promises, doubt often arises from looking for wrong evidence we have the idea that we are entitled to believe only if we feel we are right. Right feeling comes from faith.
As all true faith is founded on the testimony of the Holy Spirit, whatever tends to grieve the Spirit leads to a suspension or withdrawal of his witnessing to the truth, and to our spirits. Hence God is said to give the wicked up to believe a lie. Sometimes these doubts, especially despondent ones, have their source in the physical temperament, or in the state of the body. This should be known both to the people, and to those who have the care of souls.



It is in general to destroy the power of the truth. The truth becomes clouded, and cannot operate with full effect on the soul. Hence unbelief produces sin. What arises from evil produces evil? it leads to separation and alienation from God, whole truth is His image through which we have fellowship with Him. Hence Paul says it leads to apostasy. No matter whether it has reference to the truth or to promises of God, it alienates us from Him, prevents intimacy with Him and thus leads to spiritual death.



Much of the physician’s skill in the care of his patient is evidence in telling them what not to do, the negative part of the prescription for the cure for unbelief is no less important.


Do not grieve the Spirit of God.
Do not rely on your own understanding of faith
Do not rely on books that give false teachings
Do not take false views of the plan of salvation, and overlooking the grace of the gospel.


On the other hand (Positive Part)
Look to God for faith
Look in communion with God, in the use of the means of grace.
Allow the truth to operate freely and fully, frequently reading the Bible.
Be active in the service of God. Obedience produces believing.


Today I deliberately did not include any Scripture quotes directly To encourage you to Look through Your Bible and And Find some Scriptures relating to unbelief & Faith and share them in the Comments below or on our Facebook Page. We really would love to hear from you and see you grow in the word and Faith! Be Blessed even as you read and meditate on the word and may His grace fill you and block any semblance of doubts from your Life. May the Blessings of Psalms 23 Manifest in Your life this December in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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